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So I’ve been going through the box o’buttons from this recently received collection, and there aren’t a whole lot of comic-related buttons…mostly they’re music or sports or TV/movies, what have you. But there are a few, and I thought I’d lay a handful of ’em on you today.

I swear this button reminds me of a dial on a rotary phone…what a cool-looking phone that would have been, huh?

Yeah, yeah, I know, “what’s a rotary phone?” Get out of here, kid, you bother me.

Whoops, the button’s a little lop-sided in this scan…just tilt your head a bit:

Just a manufacturer’s mark on that button, no copyright info.

Presumably this button means that they saw Superman art at the museum, and not just some guy wandering the halls in a Superman costume:

…but it was the Bicentennial year, and people were doing all kinds of crazy things, so who knows? A quick Googling turned up no historical info on the event, but I’m assuming it was a show of original comic art.

Direct from 1966:

I really really really want to replace that Iron Man image with the picture from this cover. You don’t even need to click the link…you know which cover it is, since I link to it every opportunity I get.

Not comic-related, but amusing enough to share:

I say, that’s hard cheese. Who doesn’t like “Louie Louie” (“said Mike, moments before his comments section filled with people decrying the song’s existence”)?

In other news:

  • Internet pal Andrew, that smart feller what’s responsible for one of the smartest and best-written comics blogs in existence, has just opened the doors on his new site Pronounced Woo-Bin. It’s a celebration of things Bostonian…specifically, that fabulous accent that Andrew himself demonstrates in his own voice with choice audio clips. Seriously, it’s fantastic.
  • Say, you remember that Ian Brill chap, don’t you? Tall guy, glasses, wavy black hair, pegleg, eyepatch? He has a story in Zombie Tales #5, illustrated by Jason Ho. It’s out this week, so ask your retailer for “that comic with Ian Brill in it…no, not those Warhammer ones, the ones with the shambling dead,” and he’ll go “Oh, why yes, of course, that zombie comic with the story by young Master Brill,” and he’ll pass a copy right over to you, surely.

    Ian speaks a little about this comic right here.

  • Pal Nat has unleashed upon an unsuspecting world The Licensable Bear™ Big Book of Officially Licensed Fun!, reprinting Licensable Bear™ strips and appearances and columns and merchandise images and oh, so much more. Ask for it at your local funnybook emporium.

    If that’s not enough Licensable Bear™ for you, have a new informative video from our beshirted ursine consumer expert!

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