"Within each of us, oftimes, there dwells a mighty raging fury."

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So I’m sure some of you remember seeing this ad, which ran in mid-1970s Marvel comics:

I’ve seen it plenty of times myself, but it wasn’t until this past weekend, with the arrival of that large collection of miscellaneous collectibles, that I’ve seen the actual coins themselves. They measure about 1 1/2 inches in diameter, and they look a little something…like this:

The coins’ backs:

I don’t know why the progression of Banner-to-Hulk on the back of that Hulk coin makes me laugh, but it just does. Also, I should note that the serial numbering mentioned in the ad are etched on the coins’ edges.

You could buy the coins just on their own for $2.50 each (with a generous discount if you buy in quantity), or you could buy a variety of accessories:

There were several coins in this collection we acquired, but alas, no belt buckle or bolo tie were to be found. However, we did have several in the convenient “neck chain” setting, such as this Conan coin:

And we had a set of three silver variations of the coins in the lucite holders…interesting that the lucite holders cost nearly as much as the coins themselves. Here’s the Hulk one:

I don’t have information on the silver versions of these coins, as they’re not noted in the ad I’ve found, and I haven’t gotten around to tracking down any follow-up ads yet. I’m reasonably certain I remember seeing the silver coins (and gold versions, too!) advertised, so if any of you happen to remember what those other coin types cost originally, feel free to drop that info in the comments.

Also, there were a couple of these in the collection as well:

Dude…so close to just keeping this for myself.

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