In case you haven’t read enough about this lately.

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Verbatim asked:

“So how many of the ‘C’mon, I know you have some of those All-Star Batman #10s in the back. How much are you asking?’ phone calls have you gotten?”

Not nearly as many as I was expecting, given the fact that it’s apparently made it into real world news sources, in print and on TV. Normally that means “crazed rush by folks who haven’t been in a comic shop since the last news report about comics,” but I didn’t really see it this time. Maybe awareness of the situation hasn’t yet reached that critical mass required to trigger the sales rush, or everyone skipped the middleman and went straight to the eBay, where there’s approximately one gazillion copies up for auction. Or no one felt like calling us this weekend. (sniff) Nobody loves us….

We did have a handful of inquiries, mostly from regulars, and we did have a couple of folks who were driven into the shop by the news reports. One of them mentioned to me another prize of his collection, his copy of Adventures of Superman #596 featuring an allegedly prophetic scene of destruction involving buildings similar to the World Trade Center.

But no, we received no copies of All Star Batman #10: Frank Miller Unfettered. Figures…here I am, one of the few people on the internet bold enough to have declared my love for this series almost since the beginning, and took the attendant scorn and abuse from the unbelievers…and I didn’t get a copy. The fates mock me openly. I’ll have to be satisfied with these ginormous scans (click ’em for expanded hilarity)…at least until the eBay prices dip down to about the five buck level in a few months, and I’ll snap up a copy or three then. Er, I need the extra copies for friends. Yeah.

On a related note, I did a completed-auctions check on the eBay for Wolverine #131, with the typo/offensive slur…found one that sold for $2.99, another for $5.50. Okay, that comic is ten years old now…maybe I’ll have to wait a little longer than a few months for ASBAR #10 to drop in price, but it will eventually, I’m sure.

Received the first of a few boxes of a massive collection of miscellaneous funnybook and rock ‘n’ roll collectibles and magazines…which included multiple bags of pinback buttons. I loves me the pinback buttons, as some of you may remember from a few years ago when I scanned multiple samples from my button collection and posted about them for, oh, months on end. Well, brace yourselves, because I’ll probably be doing it again.

Here’s a sample:

I know it’s a promo for a fast food joint/restaurant, but I’d prefer to think it’s either the worst piece of character-based Achewood merchandise…or the best.

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