This is a comic book that always sells.

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Boy, this comic is almost like printing money for Marvel. That cover above is one of the two used for the 2008 reprinting of this Garth Ennis-written one-shot, which originally came out in 1995. Guess people just like seeing the Punisher blow up those Marvel superheroes real good, since it seems like the comic is always in demand from our customers. It’s one of our most requested back issues, so when a new edition showed up, it just flew off the stands.

I didn’t buy it when it came out originally, because by the mid-90s I, like most folks, never wanted to see another Punisher comic again for the rest of my life. But when the first reprinting of this one-shot rolled around in 2000, I figured “hey, it’s Garth Ennis, it’s got that swell Steve Dillon cover, what the heck.” And it’s not high art or anything, but it delivers what it promises…Punisher wiping out the Marvel Universe…and it’s sufficiently brutal and a touch dark-humored and I got just the right amount of entertainment one could justifiably expect from a comic book titled Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe.

And I should note, since it always comes up when one is discussing Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe with, you know, your grandparents or your pastor, that, yes, Fred Hembeck destroyed the Marvel Universe first.

Anyway, that latest printing has sold out, and Marvel is going back to press for what they’re calling a 2nd printing variant…think they’re off by a couple of printings, there, though I suppose this would be the 2nd printing in the staplebound format (as opposed to its original squarebound releases). The new printing will have that Dillon cover the 2000 edition had.

So, Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe…a Comic That Always Sells. Kids love it!

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