Sometimes it’s like reading someone else’s mail.*

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From the back of card #82 of Topps’ Star Wars: Clone Wars set:

“Just outside Jabba’s palace, Ahsoka is surrounded by the relentless magnaguards. Holding her own, she flips herself over and away from them into a position of more leverage. ‘Okay, stick-tinnies, you’re going back to Dooku in pieces,’ she proclaims defiantly. It takes a bit of doing, but the feisty padawan swings back into action and winds up vanquishing all three of her magna-foes.”

I keep wanting to read that as “manga-foes.” “‘Your tentacles will never get me,’ proclaimed Ahsoka.”

Here’s the front of the card, if you’re interested:

And just for fun, here’s one of the original sketch drawing cards, featuring Count Dooku:

If that awful-looking Clone Wars movie had instead been animated in the style of that Dooku sketch, I might have bothered to go see it.

Speaking of movies, the man behind That Voice you all know from your movie trailers, Don LaFontaine, has unfortunately passed on. Please peruse this selection of YouTube videos and enjoy that wall-shaking voice. Be sure to turn your computer’s volume way, way up.

Do I really need to link to Scott McCloud’s Google Chrome browser comic…you know, on the off chance that you haven’t heard about the comic or Google’s new web browser on every website in existence. But I like Scott, so there’s your link.

Hey, remember when I used to talk about comics and comics retail on this site? Oh, those were the days, weren’t they? I’d talk about some comic I read, or about some silly thing that happened at the store, and we’d laugh and laugh, dabbing tears of mirth from our eyes. And then the laughter would quickly ebb away, moving into a comfortable silence…just two friends, sitting together quietly on the back porch overlooking the fields of corn, simply smiling softly and gazing downwards at the ice bobbing up and down in our frosty glasses of Mr. Pibb.

Well, okay, it’s only been a couple of days. Hey, this almost turned into “Land of the Lost Week,” so consider yourselves lucky. Real comic bookical content will return shortly.

Hold on, I do have one bit of news about comics retail…keep in mind that, for U.S. retailers, new comic shipments will be delayed until Thursday this week due to Monday’s holiday. But go into your shop on Wednesday anyway and spend money, just because you love Your Local Comics Retailer. And then come back on Thursday and spend more money! It’s a win/win situation! You get comics, we get money! Everybody’s happy!

* Does the title refer to this post’s first entry, or to the actual experience of reading the entire post itself? Who can say? Who can truly say?

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