In which Mike goes on about some dumb thing that apparently traumatized him as a child.

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So I was rewatching one of my DVDs of Land of the Lost, which was one of my favorite television shows as a child, and I still quite enjoy today. And I realize this explanation is going to sound odd to anyone not familiar with the show…I imagine there are such people, somewhere…but this particular episode, “The Pylon Express,” contains a sequence where Holly is dragged along inside one of the mysterious Pylons, as it travels through time and space to strange and frightening locales.

It’s not the locales that were frightening to me as a kid, as much as what would happen between destinations inside the Pylon. A spinning column of lights would lower over Holly as the Pylon made its journey, and it looked a little something like this:

And here’s the thing…the sound that accompanied that column of lights really bothered me as a kid, for no good reason I can describe. It just struck me as a very spooky sound…perhaps it was just because it was in conjunction with an especially creepy series of events in this episode, but whatever it was, it had enough of an impact that even today, even playing the sound file right now to test it out before uploading it to the site, I still feel a slight twinge of that creepy-crawly sensation, that feeling of “wrongness” that sound inspires.

Here’s that sound, and I know full well it’s not going to have near the impact on you that it had on me, and in fact you’ll likely go “Mike, what is your problem”…but I can’t go on about it like this and not play it for you, right?

direct link, in case the player doesn’t work


I probably saw this episode when it first aired in 1975, when I was six. I’m nearly 40 now. I mean, what the hell, man? It’s amazing the things that stick with you.

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