"…With stories and art that are hotter than ever!"

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So I had one of these still floating around the store, still shrinkwrapped, still unopened and unloved in the 13 years since it was shipped to us. Every once in a while, I’d come across it…sometimes on a shelf in the back room, sometimes up front on a bookshelf somewhere, sometimes in my stash of eBay sale material. I’d pick it up and look at it, shaking my head and thinking “you know, I really should just bust this thing open and dump the comics into our bargain boxes,” but then I find something else better to do and put this package back in one of those three previously noted areas.

This past weekend, I came across this item again, while pal Dorian happened to be around. I said to him, “oh, man, not this thing again. What am I going to do with it?”

“Put it on your site,” sez Dorian.

“Hey, yeah,” sez I, so here you go. Another white elephant haunting the aisles of our funnybook store.

Here’s the back of the package, so you can see DC’s best of 1995:

“It’s been a banner year for DC Comics, with stories and art that are hotter than ever! In this special collectors set, you’ll find the seven comics that were selected by DC Comics editors as the best of 1995.”

Actually, it’s not a bad mix of superhero books…you get a Doug Moench/Ed Barreto ish of Batman, one of Waid’s early issues of Impulse, one of the animated Batman tie-in books (which were consistently excellent), and the debut issue of that one Superman book designed to come out quarterly, during that occasional fifth publishing week to accompany the other four, essentially weekly, Superman books. Plus, you also had that the beginning of that new direction of Wonder Woman by that one fellow, which wasn’t too bad at first, and an issue of Legionnaires with, I think, the horrifying fate of Sun Boy (or at least a Sun Boy…I don’t recall exactly, as that was a reboot or two back). And then there was Sovereign Seven #1, which I won’t say anything about since there are a few thousand of you out there reading this, meaning chances are pretty good at least one of you read this comic and I don’t want to alienate that guy.

I suspect that these may be reprints produced specifically for this package, but I haven’t popped it open to check. What, ruin its collector’s value?

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