I’m totally getting "Superman2001.com."

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Well, I have to admit…he makes a good pitch:

“First, this is a SERIOUS auction for the Serious Superman Fan! With that said, you have the chance to OWN my domain name Superman1938.com, which has been registered at Godaddy by myself as the owner. I understand that this name may be worth nothing to the casual internet junkee, but to me it’s honestly worth my BUY IT NOW price! Why?! Because I absolutely LOVE Superman and am a HUGE FAN and have been ever since I was just a little kid (just like most of you), and quite honestly I still can’t beleive I own SUCH A SIGNIFICANT SUPERMAN DOMAIN NAME! It’s like I FINALLY own something Superman, that no one else has! I think that the year at the end of the name, makes this name special! 1938 Superman items are just SO hard to find, and I just love the fact that my domain name covers the very first EPIC year of the greatest Super Hero Ever! It’s incredible, i’m really happy that I was able to get this rare domain name! So, unless someone BUYS IT NOW or at least offers me a great price… I am extremely ecstatic to own this awesome Superman Domain name! Beleive me, I just won’t get rid of it! My price has to be met, and I beleive there is someone out there who will understand why I want so much for this name! To tell you the truth, and I am being honest… Whomever buys this name, will be getting an amazing deal! The opportunities are endless, so send them best offers if you are truely interested in owning Superman1938.com!”

From the Questions from Bidders section:

“Q: What can you do with this ?? I just don’t understand the significance of this. thanks, anthony.

“A: Excellent question! This domain name can be used in many different ways! For one example, say Superman1938.com might be the only place on the internet in the World to actually look for Superman items from the year 1938, including MANY KEY ISSUES ;). Collectors want to know these things, and that’s just one example.”

Huh. Well, let’s think about this. Obviously, there are Superman items from 1938 already on sale in numerous places, but maybe Superman1938.com can be a gathering of links to those sellers (sort of like Sketchcards.com).

Or maybe it could be a historical overview site, restricted to the character’s impact and influence with its initial appearance. Kind of limiting, and perhaps redundant given the amount of info about this period on other sites…but there really isn’t anything quite like those original Siegel and Shuster Superman stories. A site specifically devoted to examining the art, stories, themes, influences, etc. of those earliest books would be of interest.

Or it can be a place to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the character (as implied by the banner in the auction), but note you’ve only got a few months to go, and I imagine the 71st through 74th anniversaries won’t grab that much attention. However, you’d be all set for the big seven-five.

Or it could just be a link-dump, a central gathering place for links to Superman news and items of note around the web. Maybe not “1938” specific, but I’m guessing “Superman.com” is taken and the “1938” suffix is as good as anything else to make the domain “rare.” (Or at least “unique,” which may be what the seller actually meant.)

Or somewhere there’s a guy posting on an internet message board under the handle of “superman1938” and wants a domain of his very own.

So what would you do with this domain name? Aside from posting links to other domain name auctions, that is.

Hmmm…now I’m thinking about “SwampThing1971.com.” That’ll make me rich, I’m certain.

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