Bits of nightmare fuel from 1950s/1960s DC humor comics.

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“Looks really impressive” is understating it, surely. “Will freak you the heck out, and all your friends as well” may be more accurate. But so long as your hands are hefty, why would you mind, right?

What the hell kind of insect is that? Perhaps some kind of weird mummy insect, with wrappings just on its legs? …There’s something almost Charles Burns-ish about how that alleged insect looks.


There’s probably an Insane Clown Posse reference to be made here, but I’ll defer.


I’m assuming by “fooling” they mean “mauling and/or eating.” Well, not that Peter Porkchops was ever in danger of being eaten by Wolfie, here, but still, you imagine Wolfie was probably hoping.

Anyway, that book has “blogger who lucked into a book deal” all over it. You know whoever wrote that had a Blogspot account where he listed a new Way to Bother A Pig every day, and eventually they got compiled into a $17.95 softcover book and now it’s providing an important service for bookstores across the nation by supplying a solid foundation for the remainder tables.

I could be wrong, and maybe in the DC Funny Animal universe there’s money to be made in fostering ill relations between wolves and pigs. Or maybe pigs are just singled out, as lower-class citizenry that Funny Animal society has decided would be the target of its scorn and abuse.

More optimistically, sort of, maybe it’s not just pigs, but every animal gets to be a target of a “How to Fool…” type book, to put everyone on more or less equal footing. “How to Annoy a Sloth.” “How to Irritate an Orangutan.” “How to Badger a…Well, a Badger, I Guess.” I would hope these would be more on the good-natured side of gentle ribbing and generally friendly teasing, but given how funny animals tend to behave toward each other in the comics….

Or maybe I’m just reading too much into this. Lord knows I never do that.

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