As a former librarian, I’m offended.

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“The Batman family needs to be reduced- NOW!”

“I know Bruce as Batman is up in the air, but lets face it DC are not going to damAge their most successful franchise and character so…

“The batfamily. Too many. Too similiar. Too many wannabes.

“Nightwing – is virtually a sidekick again – for someone who is his own man: when Batman says jump Nightwing says ‘how high’
Robin – Tim Drake belongs in High School Musical. Let him go.
Oracle – should be written out forever. She’s a librarian!
Batgirls/Batwoman – see above
Scrappy Doo AKA Damien Wayne – the single most laughable character ever written.
Jason Todd – died quite clearly in Death in the Family. Bringing him back in any form is a mistake. Such silver age making up the rules as we go along goes against the basic heightened realism of Batman comics. By all means let Superman come back if you must, but leave such guff out of the core books.

“Essentials Alfred and Gordon”

So, Damian is the “single most laughable character ever written?” That’s hard cheese, considering we’re talking about an industry that has room for this.

And I was almost with him on the Jason Todd thing, until the phrase “basic heightened realism.” I get what he means, but we’re still using the word “realism” in reference to comics starring a guy who fights crime dressed sort of like a bat. I mean, c’mon. (Besides, I kinda like the “rebellious former sidekick” angle.)

I’m not unsympathetic to his desire for more streamlined Batman comics. I can understand that. But the beauty of the character of Batman is its adaptability…you can use as few or as many of these extra elements as you’d like, and still have it recognizably be a Batman story. And with the number of Batbooks on the stands, chances are any given month one or two stories will meet his desire for a pared-down version of the character.

And if he waits long enough, he’ll be able to get the newest issue of All Star Batman and Robin, surely everyone’s ideal version of Batman.

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