Miscellaneous Tuesday.

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Herbie Archive Volume 1 is due out in your better funnybook stores this week! (At least, it’s on our invoice, so chances are reasonably good that they’ll show up with our shipment.)

HERBIE. Better than anything you’re already reading.

The new DC solicits are up, and it looks like DC’s found a way to get another Sandman comic on the stands with Neil Gaiman attached…in this case, a comic book adaptation of Gaiman’s Sandman: The Dream Hunters illustrated novel. Well, it’s being adapted by P. Craig Russell, so it’s gonna be absolutely gorgeous and I’m gonna end up buying anyway. I’m a sucker. By the way, Dream Hunters came out ten years ago, apparently. How old does that make you feel?

Speaking of Sandman, his big sister Death makes an appearance in Madame Xanadu #6 (fresh from her appearances in Captain Atom and Legion of Super-Heroes! — okay, I’ll stop).

From the solicit for Super Friends #9:

“Happy Birthday, Superman! The Super Friends get together for a party celebrating DC’s first and greatest hero! But Lex Luthor wants to wish Superman a very un-happy day!”

This sounds cute. Almost too cute. This series is like a super-dense concentration of cute, practically a black hole of cute, its immense cuteness gravity dragging in…okay, I have no idea where I’m going with this. But I’m totally picturing Lex sneaking around the party, putting a frog in the punchbowl, hiding Superman’s presents in, I don’t know, the lead-lined trash bins, calling the police to complain about the party’s noise levels, etc.

I see Kevin Smith has a Batman mini (Cacophony) starting…I recall reading somewhere that Smith has all the scripts turned in (or nearly so). Let us hope. We don’t want another overly delayed Spider-Man/Black Cat, or an outright truncated Daredevil: The Target.

The DC Classics Library: Superman “Kryptonite Nevermore!” hardcover features classic Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson art on a classic Superman story, and I bet it’ll look great. Another Superman book due out is the Past and Future trade paperback, featuring time travel stories (including the story from Action Comics #300, which has one of my favorite covers). I really like these themed collections from DC…if we can’t have themed Eighty Page Giants any more, I guess these’ll have to do.

As long as I’m linking to Comic Book Resources, here’s their story about Fox trying to prevent Warner Brothers’ Watchmen movie, claiming exclusive rights. Well, this should be interesting. At last, there’s still a chance that Watchmen will be adapted in the only format that makes sense for the complexity and density of the story: as a weekly cartoon sitcom, sandwiched between Simpsons and King of the Hill. “Don’t have a dead dog, man!” will read my wacky Rorschach t-shirt.

Well, here we go again. Kevin points out some problems with another comics marketing e-mail, and I can’t wait to see how folks try to say the problem is actually a good thing this time. (Assuming they can address the actual point and not argue non-sequiturs again.)

Well, good luck, Kevin. You’re a braver, and more patient, man than I.

Speaking of Kevin, he was recently interviewed and totally pinned the blame for his comics blogging on me. So, all you Kevin-haters out there? It’s my fault, AND I’M PROUD. So bring it on, chumps.

Okay, I was dumb and left out the link to Caleb’s Millennium post in my entry yesterday, until I was finally able to fix my mistake later that morning. So, here’s that link again for anyone who missed it. (Sorry, Caleb!)

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