"It’s all here, ready! Fresh as harvest day!"

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So I was looking through a copy of Logan’s Run #7 (July 1977), and noticed this “next issue” blurb on the last page:

…which promises the revelation of a thing or two, plus a tease of a character’s return that apparently we should be excited about.

Well, this was the last issue of the series, and while I could care less about what’s “beyond Cathedral,” or what “Mind-Sin” is, I am left wondering about who the returning character would have been.

‘Course, the only one I think we’d all would have liked to see again is Box:



Or maybe it would have been Peter Ustinov’s character. The world will never know! (Or maybe it can be Googled up somewhere.) (And I’m not sure if either of those characters popped up in Marvel’s other “new adventures” issues…um, I forgot to check.)

Speaking of the Googling, I found this page, which has scans of some of the Marvel-produced Logan’s Run strips that ran in a British magazine. The page also discusses the other comic book adaptations of the film, and the books which inspired it…this review of the later Malibu Graphics comics made me laugh:

“These ‘new’ Logan’s Run comics are not to [sic] bad if you can overlook the fact that everyone looks like a Nazi elf.”

Wow. You know, I’m betting someone, somewhere is awfully, disturbingly, excited about the idea of a Nazi elf comic.

So anyway, getting back to the first topic, there…anyone else have any particular favorite “next issue” blurbs in the last issues of series that were never followed up on? I’ve pointed out this one before, from the last issue of the original Swamp Thing series:

While Swampy ended up fighting some of Hawkman’s fellow Thanagarians a decade or so later, this “in the skies of Portland” battle with the Hawkman was a no-show. Ah, well.

If you can think of other similar examples, let me know in the comments.

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  • Stefan says:

    I saw Logan’s Run three times in the movies and bought the laser disc. I could swear Box says the following:

    “Wait for the winds. My birds will sing. My walrus will breathe and the deep grottoes whisper my name…Box…Box…Box.”