I can’t believe this is even being argued about.

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I’ll try to keep this brief:

Here is the point of this post made by Kevin Church:

Telling your customer base in an store marketing e-mail to not buy comics that you, presumably, have ordered and are going to stock at your shop is not a good idea.

And that’s it.

Seems pretty self-evident to me….and it must be self-evident, as the folks in Kevin’s comments section, and elsewhere, who are arguing against Kevin are doing so by bringing up things that have nothing to do with his original point. And trying to steer ’em back to that point doesn’t seem to do any good.

Yeah, I know, “ARGUING ON THE INTERNET – BAD WASTE OF TIME, OR WORST WASTE OF TIME?” I even lost my temper a bit, unfortunately, since the boneheadedness of some of those folks finally got to me. I even used a swear, OH NOES, which allegedly drove one person away, coincidentally saving him the embarrassment of actually having to address the real argument once it was laid out for him.

Look, if you want to argue Kevin’s actual point, fine. If you think retailers should broadcast a “DON’T BUY THIS COMIC” message to their entire customer base, even if it costs them sales, fine. But don’t bring in a bunch of extraneous shit that only proves that 1) you can’t read, or 2) you can’t address the actual argument.


EDIT: Bill D. sums it up, without being a potty mouth like me.

EDIT 2: And I’m done talking about this. I can only say the same thing so many times, and while most people get the point, some never will. If you still feel like arguing…here you go.

Here’s something a little more fun, hopefully…a brief fight scene from the forthcoming Spirit movie, taken from the San Diego Comic Con:

I suspect this may not stay online long, so if it vanishes, just look around and I’m sure it’ll turn up again.

I think it’s kind of entertaining, actually…parts of it even look like it came straight from Eisner’s pen. This certainly makes me feel better about the film than the “Remember Sin City?” trailers we’ve seen so far. Don’t know if I’m entirely sold on seeing the Octupus’ normally hidden face on-screen…but hey, if you’ve got a Samuel Jackson in your flick, you’re gonna show him off.

EDIT: Whoops! And there goes the video. Ah, well…nice while it lasted.

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