Prepare for your immediate thrizzling.

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All you need to know about the new comics coming in this week:

My conversation with New Employee Tim regarding the imminent release of Tales Designed to Thrizzle #4:

Tim: “What’s it about?”

Me: “There’s no easy answer to that.”

Tim: “Well, what genre is it?”

Me: “It is its own genre.”

Other items coming to us from Diamond this week:

  • Absolute League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier – apparently still missing the long-promised record which is going to bum out one of my customers who wanted this book. “I’m very disappointed,” he’ll say to me, and I’ll collapse to the ground, crying, right there next to the anime magazines.
  • Beatles Collectors Edition Monopoly – don’t look at me like that, it’s a special order. Anyway, sooner or later we’re all gonna have our own personalized Monopoly sets. (Chris Sims Monopoly: “Get Kicked in the Face. Get Kicked Directly in the Face. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200.”)
  • Death Note Misa Amane Straightjacket Version Action Figure – one hundred fifty smackers. Oh thank God it’s a special order.
  • Fall of Cthulhu: Godwar #1 – I’ve been enjoying this series from Boom! Studios, which gives us some threads of continuity from story to story, instead of several self-contained Lovecraftan horror shorts. (Ew, “horror shorts” — I had to wear a pair of those in gym class.) Not that there’s anything wrong with their short story anthologies…Cthulhu Tales #4 is also due this week.
  • Fangoria #276 – get a copy in every month (or so), and it always sells. Probably to the same guy. I’m not even sure to whom we sell it…I just know it gets sold.
  • Galaxy Quest: Global Warning #1 – kinda curious how this will do. It surprised me that someone pursued the comics license for the Galaxy Quest film…just never occurred to me that we needed to see more adventures of those characters. Guess I was wrong.
  • Helen Killer #4 – Still never got my copy of #2 that Diamond shorted us. Someone remind me to order a copy direct from the publisher while they still have ’em.
  • “I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space!” – oh, and by complete coincidence, issue #2 of a comic by that very same name is coming out this week.
  • Judge Dredd Complete Case Files Vol. 10 – These are great books filled with classic material, and would probably be consistent sellers if any of them were ever reorderable on a consistent basis. (I think I managed to get another copy of volume 5 or 6 in once.)
  • Lone Ranger #12 – oh, yeah, that’s right…there was a Lone Ranger comic coming out for a while, wasn’t there?
  • Millennium TP – a reprinting of DC’s crossover event that featured an invasion of alien imposters who infiltrated the personal and superheroic lives of their characters, taking advantage of Marvel’s current crossover event which features an invasion of alien imposters who infiltrated the personal and superheroic lives of their characters.
  • Marvel Adventures: Hulk #14 – those of you (Rick) jonesing for more Peter David-written Hulk comics…here you go. Yeah, I know, “but it’s a kids comic, it doesn’t count, blah blah blah.” It’s still fun stuff…you’ll live, fanboy.
  • Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe – a rerelease with a “skull variant” that I haven’t seen yet, but then I haven’t exactly gone looking for it, either. Anyway, this is one of our most requested backlist items from Marvel, and I’m glad it’s available again…at least for a little bit, anyway.
  • Secret Invasion #5 is joined on the rack by no less than four new Secret Invasion tie-in minis: SI: Thor, SI: Inhumans, SI: Runaways/Young Avengers, and SI: X-Men…and not to mention Captain Britain #4 is a tie-in issue as well. Goodness.
  • Sergio Aragones’ Actions Speak – it’s a reordered item, not a new one…and I have to reorder this on a pretty regular basis. Shame the companion series to this one, Louder Than Words, is out of print, and has been for quite a while.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog #191 – I can’t believe this is still coming out. One hundred ninety-one issues…that over six times as many as the last Swamp Thing series. That’s 20 more than the Swamp Thing series prior to the one prior to that last Swamp Thing series. What a world, what a world.
  • Tales Designed to Thrizzle #4 – have I mentioned this is coming out? It’s coming out.
  • So, one week after getting Uncle Scrooge #377, Walt Disney’s Comics #692, and the Vacation Special, we’re getting new issues of Scrooge and WDC&S. On one hand…at least they’re catching up, since they’re way behind schedule. On the other hand…I’m sure our Disney fans at our shop will enjoy dishing out an extra $16 this month to accommodate Gemstone’s publishing problems.
  • At long last, it’s our replacement Watchmen books that got lost a couple of weeks back! Why, I remember when we had people practically knocking the door down trying to find copies of this after seeing the trailer.

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