A tale of tragedy and woe.

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Another bizarrely disturbing strip by me, from the print edition of Mike Sterling’s Progressive Ruin, 1998:


1. I drew the first page, set it aside for a couple of years, then drew the second page so that I could have the finished story in my Progressive Ruin comics digest.

2. I found that math equation on the internet somewhere. I guess that’s sufficiently complex for the purposes of the strip.

3. I don’t know what the ultimate purpose of this strip is, beyond “sometimes people suck.” Or maybe “animals that can do higher math always get the shaft.” Something like that. Make up your own moral.

4. That poor snake. I remember drawing that deathgrip Tommy has the snake in, in that second panel, and thinking “this is both funny and remarkably pathetic.” Also, Tommy’s a little tall in that second panel. Maybe he’s standing on a crate or a bale of hay or something. He is at a fair.

5. My friends worry about me, sometimes.

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