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…since I still feel bleah and I’d rather let everybody else do the work for me.

  • I know he’s been advertising in the sidebar recently, because he’s a kind and generous man, but I wanted to draw extra attention to Scott Saavedra’s updated-weekly webstrip Java Town. Mr. Saavedra is a swell cartoonist, and as a fan of his work for, lessee, 22 years now, I want to give him whatever support I can.
  • I haven’t pointed out this site since, well, I probably first added it to the sidebar, but Size Matters reviews mini-comics, which I love and haven’t bought enough of lately. It pleases me to know that people are still doing minis and not, say, going straight for the webcomic thing.
  • Apparently the recent release of the Hembeck Omnibus has inspired yet another go around of “100 Things I Love About Comics,” based on Fred’s strips on that topic. Well, folks are just doing fifty things this time around, which, you know, fair enough.

    I almost had a “100 Things” Valentine’s Day tradition going, inspired by Hembeck and Alan David Doane, doing my list of 100 in 2005 along with a bunch of other people, following up in 2006 and 2007, but I blew it this year when, um, I forgot until it was too late. Ah, well. Maybe I’ll try again in 2009.

    Of course, we all must bow to Tom Spurgeon’s list of a thousand things, which he did because he’s Tom Freakin’ Spurgeon and he shows us How Things Are Done just as a matter of course.

  • Article on comics in classrooms vis-à-vis the San Diego Con titled with “POW! ZOWIE! Teachers discover the comic book.” At least they had the good taste to illustrate the article with an America’s Best Comics cover from the ’40s.

    Also, just to note: the article mentions that fifteen years ago many professors would have mocked the idea of studying comics in the classroom. Well, not the late Professor Frank McConnell, whom I had as a professor at UCSB about 18 years ago, and was assigned in his courses The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen. My memories of those classes was one of the earliest posts on this site.

  • “The Top Five Environmentally Friendly Characters in Comics” – you know, really, with friends like Poison Ivy…. Also, guess who’s number one the list. G’WAN, GUESS.

    There’s a totally unnecessary slam on Captain Planet at the end of the article, too. That’s hard cheese, old bean.

  • Speaking of Swamp Thing, Showcase Presents House of Secrets volume 1 is out this week, and in response to your massive amount of inquiries (well, okay, one), I will be buying this to obtain the eleventh version of House of Secrets #92, the first appearance of Swamp Thing.

    It’s a sickness.

  • And more speaking of Swamp Thing: this columnist is tired of comic book movies, and I suppose I really can’t blame him. However, he refers to the first Swamp Thing movie as “terrible,” which is bad enough (the movie’s merely misunderstood), and, even more surprisingly, he refers to the sequel Return of the Swamp Thing as “forgettable.” Man, take it from me…if you’ve seen Return of the Swamp Thing, I’m sure you could come up with many words to describe it, but “forgettable” wouldn’t be one of them. I mean C’MON.
  • Apparently my re-linking of Harry Knowles’ entirely appalling Blade II review, even if just in my Twitter thingie, has caused terror and despair, fear and anguish, mothers to disown children, brother to turn on brother, etc. So, I promise not to link to it any more. Honest. You’ll never have to think about that review ever again. No need to thank me.
  • And now, by popular demand…Alan Moore’s favorite superhero:

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