Yet another post of bullet points.

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  • Casual observation gained from speaking to customers ‘n’ employees: Dark Knight appears to be experiencing multiple views from moviegoers. I’m personally hearing from folks in the store who’ve seen the film twice, and a number who’ve seen it four times or more.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a film more than once on the big screen…I used to do it a lot more when I was a kid, in those days before home video. I think I saw the original Star Wars about four times during its initial run, and again during its rerelease a year or two later (I think).

    Even in high school I’d occasionally see a movie a couple of times, just wasting time with friends. I think I saw Sixteen Candles about a half-dozen times for no real good reason I can name. Well, “Molly Ringwald,” that’s one.

    And in my misbegotten college years, my pal/former coworker Rob and I used to drag different groups of friends to go see Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure at the local dollar theatre.

    But since then…no, I can’t think of any other repeat big-screen viewings I’ve had since then. Even if I really like a movie, I know it’ll be out on DVD in about four months, along with bonus features/deleted scenes/other extras. (Someone, I forget who, once said that the theatrical release of a film is essentially a commercial for the DVD’s more complete film experience.) I’d rather spend my film-going money to see something else, and save the rewatch for the eventual Netflix rental, if at all.

    Not that I’m against the idea of repeat viewings, or down on anyone who does. I personally just don’t have the time or money or desire to do it myself.

    By the way, I’m beginning to hear a lot more people saying they didn’t like the film, which, you know, fair enough. We all can’t like the same things, after all.

  • You’ll be seeing lots of San Diego Con reports in the next few days, but there will be none cuter than the ones provided by Bully, the Little Stuffed Bull! Just keep checking this link for further updates, and great photos!
  • From yesterday’s comments section:

    1. “Pere Ubu” asks me to identify the uber-violent Popeye cartoon I mentioned in my Twitter thingie. I think the cartoon I was talking about was “Organ Grinder’s Swing” from 1937…I don’t know that it really was any more or less violent than any other Popeye short, but it seemed like the usual Popeye/Bluto conflict was a little less…adorned, I suppose. More brutal than cartoonish. And again…great fun.

    2. Reno Dakota asks if I’ve read the new issue of Ambush Bug, out this week at your finer comic book stores, and at ours, too.

    First, it’s a shame that the ’60s-style go-go-check cover is the retailer incentive variant, because that has it all over the “extreme close-up of the Bug’s face” cover that’s generally available.

    Second, I can see what Reno means when s/he notes “they practically could’ve included a ‘Dedicated to Mike Sterling’ caption at the end.” Guess which muck-encrusted mockery of a man makes a cameo? C’MON, GUESS. Okay, he’s oddly colored, but THAT’S HIM, baby. (And there are other Cameos of Note that were right up my alley.)

    Third, the comic itself…it doesn’t feel quite as anarchic as previous Bug adventures, but it’s still amusing and it’s nice to have the character back.

    3. The Poser tells me that there’s a Watchmen video game in the works. I did see this report earlier on Thursday, and it made me laugh and laugh. I want a first person shooter, featuring Rorschach and his assortment of grappling hook guns, spray cans and lighters, handsaws, et cetera.

    Or maybe a racing game, with all the characters in Ed “Big Daddy” Roth hotrods. Sure, why the hell not?

  • Pal Cully reminded me of this commissioned drawing of Swamp Thing‘s Abby by Rick Veitch. Very nice.
  • The things they used to advertise: came across this ad in the back of Wizard #27 (Nov. 1993) –

    Kinda sums up the early ’90s, doesn’t it?

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