I’m not in San Diego.

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  • Thanks for the thoughtful comments and opinions about Dark Knight from my last two posts…they made for good readin’ and I appreciate them.

    Don’t worry, I’m not going to go on for a third day about the film. But darn, it was a good’un, wasn’t it?

  • This past Wednesday was the last day of employment of now Former Employee Jeff at our fine funnybooke shoppe, as he is going to focus on his higher learnin’. So long, Jeff, and good luck! (And if you buy any more expensive camera equipment, remember to use my Amazon link next time! Help out your pal Mike!)

    The poor sap…er, the lucky fellow replacing Jeff is New Employee Tim, who used to work at a gun store, so we’d better be nice to him. Also, he’s far too young for Old Man Sterling to deal with, what with all his youthful exuberance and his hip attitude and his rocking and rolling music. But at least there’s the added benefit of his making Employee Aaron feel old, so that’s good.

  • And speaking of employees, both Employee Aaron and Employee Tim are spending all four days down at the San Diego Comic Con, leaving poor Mike, alone and afraid, to sling comics all by himself. Well, I would be all by myself, except I put the call out to the Legion of Former Employees, and lo, they did answer.

    For Thursday and Friday, we will have the shocking return of Employee Josh (second Employee Josh, not first Employee Josh). Presumably Josh won’t be dressing as a Hogwart’s student, like in that pic I linked, but you never know with him.

    For Saturday and Sunday, it’s yet another return engagement of the world-renowned Kid Chris, who will delight and amaze with feats of magic and acrobatic prowess. Here again is that pic of him dressed as a cowboy, in case you need a reminder of what he looks like. I don’t know if he’ll be dressed as a cowboy while working at the shop. Maybe he’ll take costume requests from the customers.

  • On the down side, we received on Wednesday a boatload of backstock books from Diamond that we didn’t order and, thankfully, weren’t invoiced for. It was a minor inconvenience, but one we didn’t need to deal with during the usual Wednesday morning order breakdown ‘n’ panic. On the upside, among these items were some copies of the Watchmen graphic novel which we actually could use, since our mighty sizable Watchmen restock is still winging its way to us. So, I just told our Diamond rep to charge us for ’em and we ended up selling them immediately.

    The multiple copies of the Knightfall trades, however — those can go back. (I mean, they still sell, once in a while, but I don’t need to be tying up cash flow with a big pile of them in the back room.)

  • A late follow-up to my “Fates of the Peanuts Gang” post from a couple of weeks ago: reader Daniel e-mailed me with a link to “Rest in Peace, Charlie Brown” — kinda like the Ragnarok of Peanuts. Thanks for the link, Daniel!
  • In the “Not Unexpected Consequences” department, the “God (Spawn comics)” Wikipedia entry I mentioned a few days back has been undergoing multiple revisions since then. Primarily, it’s revolving around the first line, originally reading

    “”God is a fictional character appearing in Image Comics.”

    …and now sometimes reads

    “God is a fictional character in Image Comics, and in the real world.”

    …which I’m sure wouldn’t bother anyone at all.

    The other major change is the “Created by” credit, which usually reads “Todd McFarlane,” but sometimes reads “No one–he’s God!” — and I’m suspecting the person changing the “fictional character” line and the person changing the “created by” credit are working at odds with each other.

    The only thing that really bothers me is the last line of the entry, which is sometimes missing that preposition I noted in my original post, and sometimes has that preposition. Those guys can have their theological debate…I just want that “to” back in there.

  • And now…another message from Licensable Bear™:

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