Things that amuse me far more than they really should, #2343.

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The Wikipedia entry for the Spawn comics version of God (as it appears as of July 21, 2008, at about 1:20 PM Pacific time):

“God is a fictional character appearing in Image Comics.”

“God made his first appearance in Spawn #158 where he is represented as a large humanoid twin Satan.” [I think there’s a preposition missing in there somewhere.]

“The Mother, regarding her children as disappointments, stripped both God and Satan of their kingdoms and locked them away in a forgotten corner of the universe. However, despite their endless hatred, God and Satan still remain her children so she decided to give them a second chance. She brought back her children in the human bodies of Jake and Katie Fitzgerald in order to give them an appreciation for humanity and change their ways.” [WHAT.]

“Notable aliases – The Father, The Creator, The Lord, Supreme Ruler Of Heaven, Allah, Yahweh, Creator Of Mankind”

“Abilities – Immortality,Invulnerability,Nigh-Omniscience, Supernatural strength, Massive Destructive Capabilities,Relative Omnipotence, the Power of Creation.”

“Created by Todd McFarlane”

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