No, I haven’t seen Dark Knight yet…

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… and I must be one of the few to not have had the pleasure, judging by its box office take. Yowza.

I’ll be getting to it tonight, if everything goes as planned. I hear it’s not half-bad.

In other news:

  • One consequence of the Watchmen trailer being attached to Dark Knight was the number of requests we’d had for the graphic novel over the weekend. We had a few on the shelf, which is generally enough to meet demand most of the time. Most of the time.

    Ah, well…at least we have a large restock coming in. I was expecting an increase in interest prior to the Watchmen film’s release, but totally wasn’t ready for the trailer to kick it off. And even if I did expect a sales bump from the trailer, I didn’t find out that the trailer was attached to the new Bat-flick until…Thursday, maybe, which wouldn’t have been nearly enough turn-around time on reorders anyway.

    But the books are on their way, and I expect to do good business with them. Now the sales after Watchmen‘s release…ah, that’ll be the trick, won’t it?

  • So, that Marvel promo/poster calender thingie that came out a few weeks back, the one that featured Michael Turner’s variant cover art for the forthcoming Uncanny X-Men #500? The one that Diamond comic shop accounts received in the hundreds, all for free?

    Here are your eBay auctions. At least, as far as I can tell, none of the current sellers here are pushing the calendar as “VERY RARE,” which I saw in some completed listings for this item.

  • Pal Cully brought me one of these a few days ago:

    It’s a fast food premium or something like that. His little right leg is spring-loaded so that he could kick…something, I guess. Yeah, I know, “the bucket” har har. But really, for something designed to be given away to kids…good gravy, that’s creepy.

    Richard over at Baboon Bellows posted a pic of another Joker figure in this same style.


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