The obligatory Watchmen trailer post.

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Hey, CW asked. Who am I to deny CW?

I’m sure most of you have seen the Watchmen movie trailer by now, either with the new Bat-movie (it is with the new Batman movie, isn’t it?) or online. And having watched it, I think I’m a little more optimistic about the film. It certainly looks spot on, as far as sets and such, and nearly everything presented in the trailer is recognizable as a scene right out of the comic. And now that we finally get to see Dr. Manhattan…well, he’s a little more glowy than I imagined, but that’s okay. The effect looks pretty darn good, and Manhattan’s appearance is equal parts creepy and melancholy.

So it looks good, and, judging from the trailer, it seems to be hitting the story beats. Whether it manages to capture one of Watchmen‘s primary elements (the examination/deconstruction of the superhero genre) remains to be seen, though I argued in too long a post that the appearance of the costumes may…may…infer such an examination may indeed take place.

We’ll find out eventually. But in the meantime…hey, neat trailer. The film looks like it might be watchable. And I didn’t even hate that song that was in it.

But whatever…here are the important bits I’m sure you all were wondering about, and are answered in the trailer:

1. We do seem to be getting nekkid Dr. Manhattan.

2. The blots on Rorschach’s mask do move. It’s subtle, but it’s there.

Also, the trailer ends with Laurie and Manhattan on Mars, in Doc’s floating glass castle. I’m very glad that scene’s still in the film, and I hope not too much was cut in the process of translation from page to screen.

And I still can’t believe they gave Night Owl a smart-alecky talking robot owl companion. That’s going too far.

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