Swamp Things, and a correction.

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  • Guillermo del Toro, director of Hellboy II: The Golden Army (opening today in a theatre or on a plane near you) lists his many influences in this Entertainment Weekly articlefirst one noted is the original Len Wein/Berni(e) Wrightson Swamp Thing series.

    Typo alert: article refers to the first Swamp Thing movie as a “misfire.” I think they meant to type “work of genius.” I’ll look forward to the eventual correction.

  • Who could replace Martian Manhunter in the Justice League? Why, there’s only one other big green fella who could….

    And to the anonymous commentator there who said he’d love to see Swamp Thing wearing a cape? BEHOLD this drawing given to me by Scott Saavedra nearly four years ago:

  • It’s Fred Hembeck‘s FRED HEMBECK versus Steve Bissette‘s SWAMP THING (among other shenanigans) in this jam drawing presented by former FantaCo-ite Roger Green. (Be sure to read the lengthy description ‘n’ history of the piece…hopefully we’ll get to see more of the artwork soon!)
  • I haven’t posted enough Amazon.com links here lately, he said sarcastically, so here’s another one for the just-over-the-horizon Swamp Thing TV Series Volume 2 DVD:

    Okay, I realize none of you are going to buy this, either through that link or not…I’m the only person sad enough to want to sit through…um, lemme check…oh Good Lord, 26 episodes of this. Here’s a review from some other poor bastard who had to sit through it.

  • In honor of Hellboy II‘s release, someone’s posted a short list of monstrous heroes. Included is Swamp Thing (in case you couldn’t guess from the link’s inclusion here), Harry from Harry and the Hendersons, and Savage Dragon. Huh.
  • Your random Swamp Thing news story reference for the day: right here:

    “In a classic horror comic series Swamp Thing, the namesake monster was a ‘muck-encrusted mockery of a man,’ a scientist who morphed into a slimy, green, vegetable-sprouting humanoid who lives in a bog.

    “Kingston Mills can now boast it has three swamp things – a muck-encrusted trio of hapless teenage boat thieves.”

    Be sure to read the article for some classic examples of bad decision-making.

  • The Swamp Thing monster truck. Okay, not really anything to do with the Swamp Thing comic, but, hey, monster truck!
  • And here’s some Swamp Thing art: a little something from Digital-Tutors;

    “A Swamp Thing Christmas” by Todd Klein for a 1976 issue of Rocket’s Blast Comic Collector;

    This Myspace “thanks for adding me” pic that does terrible, terrible things with color to a completely innocent Swamp Thing cover…small pic here, big pic there:


    …And Swamp Thing versus Little Shop of Horror‘s Audrey II. The internet justifies itself yet again.

Non-Swamp Thing addendum: it’s been pointed out that, somehow, I botched the link to Jason Yungbluth’s “Weapon Brown” strip in my Peanuts post. That’s because I suck. It’s since been corrected in my original post, and here’s the link again. You can even buy your own paper ‘n’ staples copy of Weapon Zero in Mr. Yungbluth’s online store, along with many other funny comics, prints, and other goodies.

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