Blogging about blog ads is a sin. (Don’t worry, it’s not a sales pitch.)

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So reader Chance let me know that an ad for some “sexy webchat” site, featuring a photo of a bikini-clad lady’s bottom, turned up in my Project Wonderful ads in the sidebar yesterday. I don’t normally reload my page during the day, and my Project Wonderful ads are set to “auto-approve,” but I do read my comments via e-mail notification, so thanks to Chance for the warning. That ad just seemed a little out of character for my site, here, so apologies to anyone turned off by it.

As I said, I just have Project Wonderful auto-approve my ads, as for whatever reason, there are a number of advertisers who place ads for two or three hours at a time, and I’d rather not be logging into PW and manually-approving ad requests every hour. I’ve now set my preferences there to reject Not Safe For Work ads, but I’ll try to monitor the ads a little more closely in the future.

In other news:

  • Out in your finer stores this past Wednesday:

    It’s been years since we’ve had a newsstand presence for Mr. Snart and his creator, Marc Hansen…Ralph Snart has had an online strip for a while, all of which have since been printed in book form and available from said finer stores, as well as from Mr. Hansen himself at his site.

    I didn’t follow the online adventures, simply because I have a hard time keeping up with online comic strips, period (except, of course, for America’s only comic store strip). And we carried all the online strip reprint books, but for whatever reason, I didn’t pick any of them up. Can’t tell you why, exactly…maybe I didn’t just feel like jumping back into a comic I hadn’t read in years by picking up trade paperbacks. Who knows?

    Well, after reading this new issue, I have refound my Snart love and will be obtaining those trades in short order. It’s just as grotesque and immature and hilarious as I remember, and it’s good to have it back, even if just for a three issue series. No one draws twisted, distended musculature quite like Hansen, and his linework is immaculate. As are the beer and vomit jokes. Ah, good times.

  • Following up on all my Cat from Outer Space talk from a couple of weeks ago, pal Dorian presents, as part of his ongoing Paperback Book Club series, a copy of the Cat from Outer Space novelization. Boy, that brings back some memories.
  • The shocking return of…Licensable Bear™ – BEHOLD:

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