“Can Batman and Robin outwit such a cunning trio?”

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Now while that does look like an impressive lair for this trio of Batman baddies, one can’t help but notice some…deficiencies. I’m willing to entertain the possibility that this cutaway does exclude necessities that, perhaps, were located in the area that was cut away, allowing for a more uncluttered view.

Even with that being so, the Vulture doesn’t appear to have much room for anything:

Sure, he’s got plenty of room to play “Dogfight” with his model pla…er, I mean, “generate and practice strategy for future aerial criminal endeavors.” I’m guessing he has room, maybe, for a fold-out couch or something…maybe that was against the opposite wall.

The kitchen’s not bad…pretty sizable, and while I’m sure we’re missing something that’s been cut away, the presence of pots and pans implies at least some form of stove…unless they’re being used to prepare cold foods, or, ahem, they’re being used to address the bathroom problem (see below).

I can’t tell if that’s some kind of vent about the fridge, or a stack of really large pancakes, or big serving platters, or what. (EDIT: Read the comments to see me get schooled in the ways of ’50s refrigerators.) I don’t see a door to get in, either.

The Fox has it pretty good:

Plenty of room, even has a stool, and lots of theoretical not-visible-in-this-cutaway space for a bed, or some kind of barcalounger.

It’s the Shark that got screwed, at least when it comes to headroom:

At least he seemed to be reasonably furnished, and plus, he has direct access to the ocean. I don’t see anyway way in, but since he’s beneath ground level, maybe there are some exterior “basement access” doors we’re not seeing.

Another thing I’m not seeing is any kind of plumbing, which again, might be obscured by the cutaway. Or maybe there’s an outhouse just off panel we’re not seeing. Or, as I referred to earlier, perhaps those pots and pans are being used to collect their leavings for later disposal (i.e. dumped into the ocean). The Shark’s got it easy…he’s already got a big hole in the middle of his floor….

images from Detective Comics #253 (Mar 1958), reprinted in Batman #176 (Dec 1965)

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