"Comic+books+are+stupid" is the Google search that never disappoints.

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“Which comic series is better dc or marvel?”

“DC are the batman, superman, catwomn, green lanturn, aquaman, and wonderwoman heros.

“Marvel are Spider-man , X-men, The hulk, the avengers, The fantastic 4, thor and daredevil.

“I think Marvel are better for the fact of they Have X-men and daredevil.

“Go gambit and dare devil”

And the responses PILE IN:

“Marvel has Venom thus making it superior to everything else”

“I’m torn. Although Besides Superman, I think some of the other DC Comic charecters are wussies… LOL. If only Marvel had Superman… jeez…”

“MARVEL…because of X-men (don’t get me started on the movie okay?) but then again…nvmd marvel all the way”

“marvel arcade games!!=D and and and..THE MOVIES!!=D wonderwoman’s slutty.”

“Marvel 3 reasons


the 3 most awesome villains”

“Marvel has venom and Carnage..thats it for me

oh and Spawn..I think”

WAIT SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET, so the correction comes quick:

“nope Spawn is a character from Mcfarlane comics”

Um…well, close enough.

This fella sums up:

“neither…comic books are stupid”

Well said.

In other news:

  • Bitterandrew is well on his way to becoming the greatest webcomic creator ever.

    You should be reading Armagideon Time on a regular basis anyway, if you aren’t already. He’s a smart cat, that Bitterandrew.

  • Things that disturb me:


    Caught the trailer on the DVD for, um, ahem, 10,000 B.C. YES I RENTED IT SHUT UP and seeing Sexy Lego Catwoman walking toward me, swinging her hips…is this where technology has brought us?

  • Speaking of DVDs: received the second installment of Cinematic Titanic, The Doomsday Machine, over the weekend, and as promised, unlike the last DVD, this one came in an actual case with an actual sleeve.

    And it also came with a hand-signed thank you note:

    Whether the whole cast signed these and they were randomly distributed in packages, or if Trace drew the short straw and signed ’em all, I have no idea.

    And I’m only a few minutes into the presentation, but there are a couple differences from the first DVD. There’s a very brief prologue/skit that takes place before the riffing begins, as we see (in CT’s characteristic “silhouette vision”) the gang arriving in a long hall outside the theatre. The picture zooms in on the theatre once the show begins. During the prologue, names and full color photos of the cast flash by on screen, introducing us to all involved, in the off chance you didn’t know already.

    There are also a couple of gags referencing Mystery Science Theatre 3000. RIFFING EATS ITSELF. And the actual film features a young pre-M*A*S*H Mike Farrell and a less-old Casey Kasem. Whether those are selling points or not, I’ll leave up to you.

  • There’s also a new Negativland album due out soon, which sorta caught me by surprise.
  • I realize those last two entries have really nothing to do with comics, but it’s stuff I like, so there you go.
  • SWAMP THING CONTENT: Well, it’s someone else’s Swamp Thing content, but I haven’t mentioned my favorite swamp monster in a while, and this is what I’ve got. Over on Comics Bulletin, Jim Kingman waxes nostalgically about Swamp Thing #17 from 1975. (In response to Jim’s question — Bolt sticks around through issue #20, if memory serves, and that was pretty much it for him. I remember hoping, all those years ago, that Alan Moore would bring him back…but all things considered, Bolt was probably better off without Moore getting his hands on him! Who knows what terrible things would have happened to that character?)

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