"16 Images #1’s."

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We had a box of comics just dumped on us at the shop on Thursday…99% of it was stuff that just went straight to our bargain bins. And in the box was a particular batch of comics, bagged and taped together into a bundle, with that piece of paper above taped to the top bag with a list of the contents within.

I think we ended up dumping all those comics into the bargain bin, too, except for the Spawn #1.

Things Youngblood #1 had that most comics haven’t: a huge line of customers outside the door of the comic shop before it opened, anxious to buy that comic. (I think Superman #75 and another Liefeld masterpiece, X-Force #1, also had lines-before-we-opened type sales.) Looking at Youngblood now, it’s hard to imagine that something like this could generate so much excitement.

It was once a hot, in-demand comic.

Now it’s in the bargain box.

And unlike what I sorta implied here, Darker Image #1 didn’t just come with a Bloodwulf card, as the copy in this collection had a Maxx card. So each copy of the comic was packed with one of probably 3 cards (the other likely card being Deathblow by Jim Lee). I know I have spare copies of Darker Image in the back room, but I never got around to double checking which trading card came with what comic.

Here’s a thought that occurred to me yesterday: So, you know that KISS magazine that Marvel Comics published…the one that had real KISS blood mixed into the ink used to print that mag. I wondered, if there were a G.G. Allin comic back when he was still alive, what he would have put into the ink used to print his comic. Frankly, if all he put in there was blood, we’d be lucky.

Yeah, I know…”ick.”

Processing the order of a mail-order customer, one who gets his shipments on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis, I noticed something. In the three month period since I’ve last shipped to this customer, we’ve had:

4 issues of X-Men First Class
2 issues of JSA
5 issues of Mighty Avengers
4 issues of New Avengers
5 issues of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
3 issues of Star Wars: Dark Times
2 issues of Star Wars: Rebellion
5 issues of X-Men Legacy

And no issues of Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk, in case you were wondering.

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