Just trolling the eBay…

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…and found the world’s most terrifying goalie mask:

Note that the chinstrap features the Hulk’s lower jaw (and…teeth?), so, when worn, it looks like the Hulk is eating the goalie’s head. Fantastic.

Also discovered this item: “New Era Flash Supreme HUF Iron Man Hulk DC Comic 7 1/2.” This has the kind of thing I just love seeing in eBay auctions…”Iron Man” and “Hulk” have jack-all to do with this, but are in the title anyway just to grab the searches. (Given that there are nearly 6,000 eBay hits on “iron man,” and 7,500 for “hulk,” I don’t know how much of an advantage this really brings.) BONUS: Also identifies the Flash superhero logo as being from “Flash Gordon,” but that’s a fairly common mistake by the uninitiated. (Much like Hawkman is always “Birdman,” and Green Lantern is always “Green Hornet.”)

Oh, and dude:


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