Mike’s Sexiest Moment.

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A couple of items following up on yesterday’s Incredible Hulk review:

First, I can’t believe I forgot to mention this, since it kept grabbing my attention throughout the entire film. Both Banner and Ross had these semi-circular scars on their cheeks on the left side of their faces. Every time they had a close-up on screen, my eyes would go right to those scars. I kept thinking “that can’t be a coincidence…is this a plot point? Is there some hidden meaning? Is it a reminder that Banner and Ross are two sides of the same coin, two halves of the same circle, that Banner hides his rage on the inside, Ross keeps his on the outside?” Yeah, I know that sounds like crazy talk. But I kept looking…at…those…darned…scars…AARGH.

Second, I knew I wasn’t the only person to draw the connection between the scene where Hulk rages at the storm with that Kochalka story…James Kochalka himself is collecting comparisons between the two.

Third, a surprising number of you agreed with me that the previous film by Ang Lee wasn’t as bad as all that…and some thought it was, which, you know, is okay too.

But even more surprising was the number of people who misread “MIKE’S SEXIST MOMENT” as “MIKE’S SEXIEST,” which of course means the demand is there! Coming soon: Mike Sterling’s Progressively Sexy Ruin — because you demanded it! That video of myself reenacting Uhura’s fan dance from Star Trek V will be the new YouTube sensation!

In other news (assuming you’re still reading, that is):

  • Trinity continues to sell like a thing that sells very well, necessitating yet another round of reorders.

    And one of Marvel’s best superhero books, Incredible Hercules, has another installment out this week…and it surprises me to no end that I’m saying this about, of all things, Incredible Hercules. Caleb really nails it about why this comic is so much fun, so I send you in his direction. I will note that after a somewhat lackluster beginning, sales on Incredible Hercules are growing stronger, leading even to sell-outs on more recent issues (partially attributable to its tangential Secret Invasion tie-in, but sales were improving even prior to this).

    And one of pal Ian‘s first comics from Boom! Studios featuring his editing credit is out this week: Blood Bowl #1! (And Warhammer: Condemned by Fire #2, as well.)

    Hey, Ian, a suggestion: Snotling comics. Think about it, won’t you?

  • This week was also the arrival of the first batch of Hellboy graphic novels as part of Dark Horse Comics “Hellboy Day” promotional push tying into the imminent Hellboy 2 movie. (“Hellboy Day” being July 2nd, a week before the film’s opening, by the way.) It’s a special deal where retailers can order a certain number of Hellboy books and receive free promo materials such as posters and bookmarks and a new edition of the Free Comic Book Day Hellboy comic to give away. Drop by your store on July 2nd, get some free Hellboy stuff. Not the trade paperbacks, natch, but feel free to buy some of those, too.

    Of course, the real reason for this promotion was to make sure retailers will actually have copies of Dark Horse trade paperbacks that tie into a film at the same time said film is actually in theatres, unlike pretty much every other Dark Horse film event ever. This may be a case of too little, too late…I haven’t had any extra demand for Hellboy yet, aside from the usual demand for the newest Hellboy trade from the regular clientele. But Hellboy is a consistent seller, so even if movie-inspired demand never materializes, it doesn’t hurt to have a solid stock of these trades.

  • Why I love my internet pal Dave: Thrown Down A Well Comics.
  • Because some of you are Mystery Science Theatre 3000 fans, I wish to remind you that MST3K creator Joel Hodgson’s new project, Cinematic Titanic, has a new release out in DVD and downloadable formats. I spoke about the first release a few months back, and it’s a fine collection of “riffing” in the MST tradition. Also, after what I’m assuming was a boatload of complaints, the physical DVD format will be delivered in real DVD packaging this time.
  • And now, more completely unprofessional behavior at our store…Employee Aaron modeling his Speed Racer helmet:

    That helmet makes sounds, by the way. It’s like having Pops and the gang inside your brain all the time. “Get out of my head, Chim-Chim, get out!!!”

    And no, the employees don’t get paid extra for this. Getting to appear on the site is a perk, my friends.

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