From the Island of Misfit Super-Villains…

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…introduced by the Joker’s Daughter, no less:

“Her inky darkness?” Oh, Mal, honestly. And Aqualad…yeah, sure you like beating up big guys. We totally believe you.

Mostly I wanted to post a panel or two from this comic because I just can’t get over Flamesplasher. I mean, really, look at the guy, little flame-crown an’ all:

Well, as usual, I do the Google search after I scan the images and prep ’em for the site, and this trio of terror has been discussed here and there on the comics interwebs. Scipio at Absorbascon recommended them during his continuing suggestions for characters DC could donate to Marvel. Also, the writer of this story, Bob Rozakis himself, discusses this issue, along with other appearances of some of these villains. And have some Flamesplasher fan fiction…well, it’s a couple of folks using the same name, anyway.

So…odds on the characters reappearing in a future Grant Morrison project? 1 in 5? 1 in 20?

Another panel I wanted to note was this, a rare in-story instance where DC more or less up and admits “yeah, Gotham’s totally based on New York” —

I believe the old phrase is “Metropolis is New York during the day, Gotham is New York at night.” I remember as a kid just assuming Gotham was New York under a different name, so had I seen this panel as a young Mikester, it would have totally blown my mind, man.

images from Teen Titans #47 (April 1977) by Bob Rozakis, Bob Brown & Tex Blaisdell

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