Yet another brief Sunday update.

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So over the last month or so, we’ve had a couple of people trying to sell their unopened packages of Series One Spawn figures, including multiples of this guy:

I remember when we first saw these Spawn figures back in ’94, and thinking “WOW! Look at the detail on these things! These look fantastic!”

Bit different now, looking back at them after nearly a decade and a half of action figure design evolution. Those old Spawn figures look pretty primitive to my eyes, relatively speaking.

In other news, as it were:

  • Pal Tom the Cartoonist informs me that my comment regarding the possibly apocryphal nature of the story of the Kubert Art School ‘zines being used as toilet paper was incorrect. He assures me that he and his fellow impoverished students did indeed use pages from those magazines for the gentle cleaning of their stinky parts. You think you know what “suffering for one’s art” entails, but, really, you don’t.
  • Sold out at the shop: Trinity, that Marvel Spotlight with the googly-eyed Skrulls, H.P. Lovecraft’s Haunt of Fear. Nearly sold out: the latest Spawn. Not nearly sold out: Invincible Iron Man #2 – I think the bloom may be off that comics retail rose, or just about, now that the customers’ excitement over the movie is no longer guiding purchasing decisions at the shop. I’m expecting an equally brief bump in demand for Hulk comics around the next week or so.
  • “Wonder Woman actress finds body on river in D.C.” There’s a headline I wasn’t prepared to read.

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