Don’t irritate me.

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Well, it was another pretty busy Wednesday, with a boatload of funnybooks and a parade of customers, and me cracking the whip on employees Aaron and Jeff to ensure that NO FUN was being had, lest we offend the thin-skinned with our lack of professionalism. It was NO FUN DAY: “EMPLOYEE-BOT JEFF-1000 IS PROGRAMMED TO PROVIDE COMICS TO THE HU-MANS. PLEASE CONSUME AND ENJOY.”

Received was our reorder of the mighty Hembeck Omnibus, frightening the lily-hearted and the weak-willed with its enormous girth, and yet nearly selling through by the end of the day anyway.

The first installment of DC’s newest weekly comic Trinity is out, and it’s interesting, amusing, clever…so the online comic fans are likely complaining about it. “Oh no, ‘quality’ — we hate that!” But it’s a nice beginning for what looks like a fun Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman adventure. And the back-up, featuring Jack Kirby’s verison of Morgaine Le Fey, is, if anything, better than the lead. Certainly intriguing, making for some above-average superheroing.

Ultimate Origins #1 – No, I didn’t buy this…don’t really care about Ultimate-anything, anymore…but it does seem like the Ultimate books are a lot thinner now for some reason. Not less pages, but, like, thinner paper stock. Is it just me?

Thor: Search for Odin – reprints issues 7 and 8 of the current Thor series. Not sure why we ordered it…though I suppose we’ll sell at least one or two to the completists, so that’s reason enough to get some. Were enough stores out of 7 and 8 that a reprinting was necessary?

Grimm Fairy Tales #27 – I’m never quite sure what to make of this comic, but darned if it doesn’t sell reasonably well. Near as I can tell, it’s about large-breasted women who reenact classic fairy tales, more or less. No wonder it sells well, I guess.

From the cover of Marvel Spotlight: Secret Invasion:

I believe it was Employee Jeff who pointed out that he misses this type of Skrull, with the goo-goo-googly eyes. EDIT: Okay, it was actually Employee Aaron. Hell, I don’t know, all these employees begin to look alike after a while.

A THING THAT SURPRISED ME: Tom Strong Volume 6 showing up this week. I’d totally forgotten it was coming, or that ABC still had more comics to collect. EDIT: It’s a softcover version of a hardcover from a couple of years ago. Probably should have noted that.

If you all are still looking for a prestige format version of The Killing Joke, there’s one in the Killing Joke action figure set, complete with Joker in Hawaiian shirt. The comic has the green lettering on the cover…which the first printing had. I know these aren’t first printings, but maybe someone who bought the set can identify what printing it is, and whether the letters are embossed (didn’t look like it to me).

Robin/Spoiler Special – Okay, will this make all those Spoiler fans happy, finally? (Yeah, I already know the answer.)

American Splendor Season Two #3 – And now, my favorite cover of the week. If Harvey hosted a TV talk show, that’d be his logo.

Scream Queen #1 – A little…bloodier than I expect from Boom! Studios, but, still, what was I expecting, right? Flipping through it felt like I was watching one of those cheap ’80s slasher films that cropped up in Halloween‘s wake…and I mean that in a good way.

We never seem to order enough of the Fables trade paperbacks (of which volume #10 was out this week). We keep bumping the orders up, we keep selling out.

Haunt of Horror: Lovecraft #1 – Richard Corben? Illustrating H.P. Lovecraft stories? Sure, count me in.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Raising Cain #2 – Wow, we’re down to ordering two copies of this for the store. Surely these must sell somewhere.

Star Wars Omnibus: Droids Vol. 1 – The Droids comics and trades were always the poorest sellers out of the Star Wars books, at least for us. Even the SW newspaper strip reprint comics outsold it. Kinda curious if we’ll have any bites on the Droid comics in this new format.

Jonah Hex #32 – Gorgeous art by Jordi Bernet…really one of the best looking titles on the stands. The writing’s pretty good, too…it’s no Hex, but what is?

Legion of Super-Heroes: 1050 Years in the Future TP – Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the teen superteam with a bunch of stories I already own in Archives or in the original format. But it looks like a reasonable overview of various points in the Legion’s history, so if you’re looking for a sampler, here you go. It includes issue #300 of Legion of Super-Heroes, which is a blast.

Golden Age Sheena Queen of the Jungle – Okay, this actually came out a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to mention its inclusion of pre-Code and post-Code versions of the same Sheena story, showing how a comic was rescripted to be more kid-safe and mother-approved. Though I doubt Mother would want Little Billy leering at Sheena’s shapely gams, regardless of how tame the dialogue was.

Anyway, I love these post/pre-Code comparisons. I think one or two popped up in the late and greatly lamented Tales Too Terrible to Tell as well. I’d dig a full book of these, I think.

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