And now, one of the last words you’d ever expect Gambit to say.

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“Wonky?” Really?

This mini-comic, measuring only 4 by 6 1/2 inches, was packaged in one of Pizza Hut’s “Creators’ Choice” X-Men cartoon videotapes from 1993. It came packed with a trading card and a mini-poster, neither of which, alas, are still present. Here’s the cover, by Bill Sienkiewicz, of the one from which I scanned that first image:

The interior pencils, on this issue at least, are by Alex Saviuk. You can see the cover of the second issue, along with other Pizza Hut comic book promos, here.

The inside covers feature brief messages from the writer (not of this particular comic, but of the X-Men in general, at the time) Fabian Nicieza, and from Marvel Comics presenter Stan Lee:

ME: “Whoo hoo! Stan says it’s okay to not like you!”


If you’d like to learn more about Pizza Hut’s X-Men promotion, here’s something that’ll take thirty seconds of life away from you…just click on the next pic for the YouTube video. No embedding allowed on this video, so you gotta click through to see it:

Apparently there was a time when large Bishop cardboard stand-ups roamed the Earth, at least in places other than comic book stores:

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