This cover has gone from "mildly amusing" to "remarkably depressing."

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Not that it was a real kneeslapper to begin with, but still:


Anyway, in other news:

  • Congratulations to pal Ian for his new editorial position at BOOM! Studios. At last! I shall use my nefarious influence over his weak will and DESTROY THE COMICS INDUSTRY from the inside! HA HA HA!

    Okay, actually I’ll just keep nagging him about a Warhammer Vs. Cthulhu comic book every time I see him. That’s nefarious enough.

    Good luck, Ian! I know you’ll do a great job!

  • So Rick Veitch does this thing on his site where he uses those online sign graphic generators to post quotes about his work. Well, guess who made it onto one?
  • Bully, the cute little stuffed bull, has had his his third anniversary of cute little bull blogging. Wow, he’s been blogging since he was three and a half years old! Amazing!
  • So a few days ago I mentioned Brainiac 5’s conversion of Computo from “dangerous murderous machine” to “swell personal assistant.” I’ve been rereading some of my Legion of Super-Heroes comics lately, as you may have gathered, and I completely forgot about this:

    Brainy had just resigned from the Legion, but not before “upgrading” the new, friendly ‘n’ helpful Computo into a new biomechanical body that, oh, just by pure coincidence, looks like a really tiny version of that old Legion villain Validus. A nice touch in the series is that everyone else on the team is totally creeped out by this damned thing. Particularly Saturn Girl, who had just reclaimed one of her sons from, well, having been Validus. (Don’t make me explain that…here’s the wiki.)

  • I paged Dr. Polite Scott, and lo, there he is, discussing that issue of Booster Gold. Hi, Scott!
  • Coming to your local funnybook store this week: the Nearly Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus! Fred Hembeck has lots of pictures of this massive tome, and I can’t wait to have a copy of my very own. That’s 900+ pages of pure, unadulterated Fred, and every home should have one.
images from Richie Rich Inventions #5 (1978); Legion of Super-Heroes #51 (Oct. 1988) by Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen & Mike DeCarlo

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