"Get the point?"

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Me (sorting out some comics from a purchased collection): “Huh…what’s up with this turtle on the left?”

Employee Aaron: “Oh, that’s Slash. He’s like an evil Mutant Turtle.”

Me: “Oh, c’mon. His name is not ‘Slash.'”

Aaron: “I’m not joking…it really is.”

Me: “Well, let me look, then….”

Me: “Oh, well…what do you know.”

And I’m assuming Slash is not shouting his name, but rather letting the sound effect of his claws whipping through the air provide his introduction. I wonder how many people he’s done this to over the years think his name is something like “WHIIISH” — that’s not nearly as menacing.

By the way, there’s all kinds of weird-ass stuff going on in the Archie Turtles series. When the giant floating cow-head that the Turtles occasionally ride around in is one of the least bizarre things, you know you’ve got one peculiar comic. I never paid much attention to this book in the past, figuring it was just a watered-down version of the original Turtles. But, having looked through a number of them, and having some of the old plots described to me by former Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures reader Employee Aaron…well, I may need to reconsider my earlier dismissal.

images from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #24 (Sept. 1991) by Garret Ho, Jim Lawson, Brian Thomas & Rod Ollerenshaw

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