I was going to post pictures for all of these, but you can go look at the solicitations yourself.

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A few items from the new DC solicitations:

Well, this is interesting…a trade paperback collection of Paul Kupperberg and Mike Mignola’s Phantom Stranger mini-series, rounded out by a reprinting of the multiple origin stories from Secret Origins #10. Given Mignola’s popularity (and the fact that he now has two big-budget Hollywood movies based on his Hellboy work), I’m surprised we haven’t seen more reprinting of his older material to take advantage of current interest. I think sooner or later we’ll get a Rocket Raccoon book from Marvel, since that character’s been popping up a bit more lately. Or a book of his collaborations with Bill Mantlo on Alpha Flight or Incredible Hulk.

X-Files Special #0 – Funny, I was just talking about the Topps X-Files series the other day with the employees, about how it was a “hot” comic that came out right in the midst of the collapsed comics market. Kinda curious about how we’re gonna order this new “Special” “#0” (stack the deck, why don’t you), since it’s been a while since anyone really cared about X-Files, like since about two or three seasons before the show was finally canceled*. I’m expecting this new X-Files comic to sell about on the same level as the recent Xena and Army of Darkness series — okay low-to-mid-level seller, with a small but loyal audience.

Really, honestly – God bless Rick Veitch. Army @ Love: The Art of War #1 — can’t wait.

The Un-Men #13 — The last issue, which is too bad. This ended up being a pretty good, dark-humored series, which unfortunately didn’t grab people with its less-than-strong opening. Ah, well…I don’t think this quite puts the kibosh on any future Swamp Thing related series, but I don’t expect we’ll be seeing any in the immediate future.

DC Universe Special: Ambush Bug #1 – Aside from the…unpleasantness, these old Ambush Bug stores are pretty funny. The Supergirl story is the weaker of the bunch, but does feature some nice latter-day Carmine Infantino art.

“Based on the upcoming March 6, 2009, Warner Bros. movie WATCHMEN, DC DIRECT brings both long-time and new fans of WATCHMEN what they crave: collectible action figures, intricately clothed 1:6 scale deluxe collector figures, exquisitely sculpted busts, and straight-from-the-set prop replicas! All products feature movie accurate likenesses and costume detailing!

“Get ready for a three-month WATCHMEN movie product extravaganza from DC Direct, beginning in January 2009 and continuing through the release of the WATCHMEN movie in March 2009.”

Hoo boy.

* Before any of you X-Files fans get your knickers in knots, lemme just note that I’m still watching the way past its sell-by date Smallville, so I’m not exactly taking the moral high ground here.

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