Linda (Supergirl) Lee wisely keeps her mouth shut.

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from Action Comics #276 (May 1961 – reprinted in Legion Archives #1)
– by Jerry Siegel & Jim Mooney

1. “…And I have another boyfriend, but he lives in Canada. Maybe you can meet him next time he visits.”

“Yeah, sure, Linda.”

“No, really…I have a green-skinned boyfriend from the future, and a merman boyfriend, and a Canadian boyfriend, honest!”

“Linda, please, you’re just embarrassing yourself.”

2. Maybe I figured this out incorrectly, and this is assuming each succeeding generation takes the name with no one in the line being skipped…but wouldn’t the “great great great great grandson” of the original Brainiac be, in fact, Brainiac 7?

Brainiac (1) – original
Brainiac 2 – son
Brainiac 3 – grandson
Brainiac 4 – great grandson
Brainiac 5 – great great grandson
Brainiac 6 – great great great grandson
Brainiac 7 – great great great great grandson

This is all pre-Crisis, of course…I think it’s been explained post-Crisis, in one Legion reboot or ‘nother, that “Brainiac” is more a title that’s bestowed than a name passed down father to son (or father to adopted son, in the original Brainiac’s case).

Yes, I know there are a couple of very easy explanations for this. Just let me have my fun and nitpick the Legion panel. It’s all I’ve got today.

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