Mike’s sleepy post.

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Well, as it turns out, I got in really, really late, and I wanted to post a little something about Will Elder, and that doesn’t leave me with a lot of time to write a full-on post like I was planning. So my further comments on Lex Luthor will have to wait a day or two, and, yes, I still plan on getting back to my Legion content, so hold your horses there, friend.

But let me address a few things:

  • I did finish watching the Phantom film, and it remained light and watchable through the remainder of its run time. (SPOILERS, I guess.) Hey, the Phantom fought pirates! All right! That whole “power ring versus the skulls” thing at the end, though…I’m not well versed in the character’s history, though I’ve read some Phantom over the years and have enjoyed the strip. However, I don’t remember the Phantom’s ring being able to do that.

    One thing I noticed about the film is how beautifully it was shot…lots of very scenic island jungle shots. The closing credits ran over just several still(?) photos of the various island locales, which was a nice touch. And Billy Zane as the Phantom…when he was in costume, he was Always! In! Action! making short, sudden moves and posing heroically, regardless of the situation. Sometimes he looked like just popped right out of the funny pages.

    And the petulant pouty faces Treat Williams makes when the pirates capture him are priceless.

    Overall, despite that dodgy stunt in the first half of the movie, with the whole jumping from plane to horse thing which, you know, c’mon, it’s a pretty solid action adventure that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

    The DVD appears to be out of print, but you can find ’em cheap on Amazon. Oh, and speaking of which:

    By the way, saying I didn’t want to see “Slam Evil!” in the comments just inspired you all to post that very thing, didn’t it?

  • I posted the answers to the trading card quote quiz from the other day, if you really needed them.
  • We had a customer on Thursday telling Employee Aaron what a fan he was of the Invincible Super-Blog. He hadn’t heard of Progressive Ruin.


  • We’re experiencing increased demand for the original Frank Miller Wolverine mini-series. Inspired by the forthcoming Wolvie movie, perhaps? Seems that’s still a ways away to be having an influence on sales, but who knows?
  • If playing “Rhinestone Cowboy” on the store CD player during business hours is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

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