I’ll get back to the Legion of Super-Heroes content shortly.

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Nothing much to do with comics, except for my spotting these on the streets around our store:

Individually hand-lettered signs, repeatedly misspelling the word “garage.” Here’s another:

And there were even more farther down the block.

I like the sound of it, actually. “Garge.” “GARGE!!!” It’s sorta evocative of…well, something, I’m not sure what. It sounds dangerous, like it’s something large and unpleasant and will probably eat the housecat. BEWARE OF GARGE.

Urbandictionary has a definition for “garge” if you can believe it. Apparently that use of the term is Steve Jobs’ fault.

I just used up that much space posting about misspelled garage sale signs. I apologize.

Here’s some other news:

  • Sadly, legendary comics artist Gene Colan is not doing so well these days, and there’s a letter from his wife on his current situation here. Clifford Meth is in the process of putting together a benefit auction which you can read about at this site, and keep watching that space for further details, I imagine. I stole that second link from Newsarama, which has a series of fan appreciations attached to that post.
  • I thought I’d take a look at how DC Universe #0 is selling on the eBay, as it was suggested here and there as an “investible” item due to “low orders.” Given the 50-cent price tag, it was pretty easy for stores to order a royal buttload of these things for negligible cost, so I had a hard time believing it’d accrue that much value. I suppose in the short run, there can be fast turnaround, as some stores apparently have reported sell-outs…and the announced second printing may fuel some panic purchasing of the first prints.

    I seem to remember there being some minor price spikes on a previous promotionally-priced one-shot from DC, Countdown to Infinite Crisis, which also received a second printing. A quick eBay search reveals…a whole lot of first printings available for sale at about a buck piece, if not less. And some are even paired up with DC Universe #0 for a buck.

    Anyway, let’s look and see how DC Universe #0 is doing:

    Well, searching completed auctions, a couple have sold for a buck, and one seller seems to be having some luck selling sets of two for a dollar as well. Very common are people selling multiple copies, like this auction for ten copies (at $8.17). The only expensive (relatively speaking) individual copy I’ve seen is this one for $3.75.

    In current auctions, there ain’t no shortage of copies at 50 cents, and plenty at a dollar.

    I imagine that as Final Crisis goes along its merry way, there may be increasing demand for DC Universe #0, but that’ll drop off when the series is completed. And that it’s common enough that anyone who “invested” in it isn’t going to be retiring on that wealth anytime soon.

    And as long as I’m on the topic, here’s an auction for Tony Daniel’s three Batman/Joker pages from DC Universe. $1,200 and it’s all yours. Those aren’t bad pages to have, really. I don’t have that kind of scratch at the moment, but they’re neat to look at.

  • Speaking of the eBay, a search of completed auctions for Free Comic Book Day 2008 stuff reveals a whole lot of sold Iron Man Heroclix (at about $2 to $3 a pop), and a handful of Hellboy promo comics at $2 each. Guess those are the items the people want from this last go-around.
  • Speaking some more of the eBay, we just recently received this positive feedback on our eBay account:

    “my wife says i have too many books. oh well. one more on the pile”

    Another happy customer. You’re welcome!

  • Going back to the topic of Final Crisis: when I was but a young Mikester, I really appreciated DC’s digest reprint line, particularly when you were reading, say, a Roy Thomas’ All Star Squadron, and there’d be a footnote in the story like “SEE ALL-STAR COMICS #36 (1947) – Ye Ed.” and you’d be all like “WTF Roy?” But then they’d reprint that story in one of the digests, and all was forgiven. Okay, maybe they didn’t do that too terribly often, but I that’s how caught up on DC’s continuity and character backgrounds, so those digests did a good job getting me up to speed.

    Anyway, that’s a long-winded explanation as to why I appreciated DC’s recent reprinting of the Justice League story featuring Libra, who, as you all know, will be a Featured Villain in Final Crisis. It’s a nice way to catch people up since just about everyone on the planet went “WHO?” when Grant Morrison dropped that name. Also included is that two part JLA story where the villains switched bodies with the heroes, which played into Identity Crisis a while back. Kinda wish it’d been reprinted then, but better late than never, I suppose.

  • Those Trek-lovin’ gals at the Look at His Butt weblog/podcast discuss a few of my recent Star Trek-related posts in their latest show (in the last quarter of the program). They say quite a few nice things about me, which of course I greatly appreciate. Thanks, ladies!
  • And sometimes I get my nerd on for Mystery Science Theatre 3000, where, sadly, I discuss the alleged personalities of Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo in this response to Tim O’Neil’s post. (That post has a SPOILER for DC Universe #0…well, technically it’s a spoiler, but if you haven’t heard by now….) Don’t know why I’m linking it here, exactly, except to reemphasize we’re all fanboys about something.

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