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And now, a special message from the Legion of Super-Heroes:

“WOW!” indeed. Superboy digs chicks:

EDIT: Read more about said chick over at pal Dorian’s.


Isn’t that just the cutest little sad face you’ve ever seen? Now, are those eyebrows on Validus’ brain, or are they on the clear covering over his brain? And what about those appearances where it looked like he had a nose in there, too?

And here’s another thing…I’m too used to latter-day Val, I suppose, who merely grunted and roared. Every time I see the older stories with Validus, including his first appearance in Adventure Comics, it kinda weirds me out to see him actually speaking. Like this:

Whoa, what? STOP THAT.

images from Superboy #216 (April 1976) by Cary Bates & Mike Grell, Superboy #217 (June 1976) by Jim Shooter & Grell, and Superboy #219 (Sept. 1976) by Shooter & Grell, all reprinted in Legion Archives #12

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  • Tim says:

    Mike Grell made the Legion of Superheroes and Superboy interesting and
    sexy as Hell like never before.