My space-challenge to YOU.

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At some point today, if/when you find yourself within the appropriate situation, I want you to jut your index finger out at the person with whom you are speaking, and demand:

“Are you space-crazy?”

If he (or she) responds “no,” he’s probably lying, because space-crazy people ain’t gonna own up to it. If he responds “yes,” then run, run away as fast as your little footsies can take you because he’s space-crazy and he doesn’t care who knows it. Or he does care, and he just told you prior to space-stabbing you with his space-knife.

If he responds with “Her dreams always come true, Chameleon Boy…that’s why she’s a Legionnaire!” — well (unless you actually are Chameleon Boy and you’re talking to Brainiac 5) definitely don’t mess around with that person, because he’s a comic book fan and you know what they’re like.

image from Superboy #220 (Aug 1975 – reprinted in Legion Archives Vol. 12) by Cary Bates, Mike Grell & Bob Wiacek

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