So, sick of either Free Comic Book Day or Iron Man yet?

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Since they finally showed up this week, I thought I’d go back to the eBay and see if they’ve been listed for sale. And sure enough, there are about a dozen listings for the Free Comic Book Day Iron Man Heroclix figure. “Super Rare,” says one.

Today we’ll be doing some last minute prep for Saturday’s Free Comic Book Day event…setting up the tables at the front of the shop, where our posted employees will be hand-distributing bags containing the free comic selections, and I’ll be making signs for the in-store sales we’ll be having that day.

Thursday I did have a group of high school kids show up and looked around, puzzled, at the shop. I asked them if they needed help, and one said “this is Free Comic Book Day, right? May 1st?” She wasn’t happy when I told her it was the 3rd…having “1st Saturday in May” on all the promo material seemed to cause some confusion at first, with some folks, but I thought we had all that straightened out. Apparently not.

I do love the calls I get from people who just can’t believe that Free Comic Book Day even exists.

Customer on phone: “So, this Free Comic Book Day…what do we have to do to get the free comics?”

Me: “Show up on Saturday.”

Customer: “…And?”

Me: “And nothing! Just come in and we’ll give you free comics!”

Customer: “Really? Do we have to dress up in costumes?”

Me: “All you have to be able to do is make it through our front door during our normal business hours on Saturday. We will then gift you with free comics, and lots of them. Honest.”

Yes, I did have someone ask if they had to wear costumes. I almost…almost…said yes.

I also had another person, a new regular, at the shop say that she and her husband weren’t going to come, because the husband was convinced we’d only give him one comic since that’s what happened to him at another shop last time. I had to assure her that, as supplies last, each person would get at least one of each FCBD book that was available. No, really, you’ll get more comics than you’ll know what to do with, I promise. I think I finally managed to convince her…it was the final bit where I said I didn’t want to store the leftovers, I want them in customers’ hands and OUT OF THE SHOP that got the point across.

We’re also still getting that thing where some folks think Free Comic Book Day is something just our store is doing, that it’s just a promotion we put together to clear out some dead stock. I’ve had to explain several times that it’s an industry-wide hoohar, and that many publishers produce books specifically for the event. This information puzzles some, alarms others. Comic book companies…working together? Joining forces? Trying to tempt the innocent citizenry with these devilish illustrated pamphlets? They must be stopped!

Anyway, if you want merciless coverage of what books you can expect to see, pal Dorian has put together his reviews for (most of) this year’s selection. As always, pal Dorian is cruel but fair.

In case you were wondering, the “Did you see it” questions started to hit Thursday afternoon. And, as usual, I’m a smartass: “Not yet…but I’ve got my tickets for Made of Honor for tomorrow night!”

On that topic (of Iron Man, not that other film)…a conversation with Employee Aaron on Thursday:

Employee Aaron (jokingly): “Ooh, I don’ t know if I’ll have time to construct my Iron Man costume to wear to the movie tonight.”

Me: “Well, just wear your Stormtrooper costume.”

Employee Aaron: “Yeah, I can paint it red and yellow!”

Me: “…”

Me: “Someone, somewhere, is doing that very thing RIGHT NOW.”

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