What I wouldn’t have given to have seen this actually happen in a classic Trek episode.

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from Star Trek #7 (March 1970) – art by Alberto Giolitti & Giovanni Ticci

Not that I have anything against the Eiffel Tower or our French friends…I’m just appreciating the sheer Irwin Allen disaster movie vibe of the scene.

Anyway, I’d like to apologize for the dependence on scans over the last few days. My “Low Content Mode” from a couple weeks ago seems to have extended itself, due to Real Life intruding on my weblogging time. Yes, I have a real life, that I manage to fit in between “managing” the comic shop, and writing my love letters to All-Star Batman. I should be back to what passes for normal in short order.

If I may continue blogging about blogging, I’m also still planning on creating a “rotating logo banner” function on this site, much like the random “since 1969” taglines, in order to show off all the great banners submitted by readers. I didn’t want folks to think their hard work is just disappearing…you banner will be seen again, I assure you.

And so long as I’m on the Trek kick, lemme point you in the direction of the weblog/podcast Look at his Butt — yes, that’s what it’s called. I first noticed it in my referral logs one day, some time ago, and went to investigate…it features two happy young women, cheerfully obsessing over the manly manliness of William Shatner. It’s good, fun, silly obsessing, not “restraining order” obsessing, from a couple of people who know their Trek stuff.

Speaking of obsessions, here’s a fellow weblogger feeding one of mine with a homebrewed Swamp Thing Final Crisis promo.

Where were you when SPIROMANIA STRUCK?

“What? What did you say? Who is this ‘Billy’ you’re speaking of?”

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