A whole lotta Shatner goin’ on.

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By popular demand, a small selection of the many funnybook faces of James Tiberius Kirk:

from Star Trek #51 (Gold Key, March 1978) by George Kashdan & Alden McWilliams

from Star Trek #16 (Marvel Comics, Oct. 1981) by Marty Pasko, Luke McDonnell & Sal Trapani

from Star Trek #6 (DC Comics, July 1984) by Mike W. Barr, Tom Sutton & Sal Amendola

from Star Trek: Debt of Honor (DC Comics, 1992) by Chris Claremont, Adam Hughes & Karl Story

from Star Trek Unlimited #1 (Marvel Comics, Nov. 1996) by Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton,
Mark Buckingham & Kev F. Sutherland

from Star Trek: All of Me (DC Comics/Wildstorm, April 2000) by Tony Isabella, Bob Ingersoll,
Aaron Lopresti & Randy Emberlin

from Star Trek: The Manga #1 (Tokyopop, 2006) – sorry, didn’t have the book in stock at the moment,
so the credits will come later

from Star Trek: Year Four #5 (Nov. 2007) by David Tischman & Steve Conley

ADDITIONAL TREKKING: Please, enjoy a little Ska Trek, courtesy Transbuddha.

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