This post meets or exceeds your recommended daily dosage of Shatner.

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I missed this in the New York con coverage, but Rich pointed it out to me…according to the Karen Berger herself, Swamp Thing spin-off title The Un-Men is cancelled. Alas, that didn’t come as much of a surprise, since we sell all of two copies at the shop, one of which is to me. I thought it was pretty good, myself…it took a couple issues for me to get into it, but I’ve been appreciating the very dark humor at work in this series.

And to clarify my thoughts on The Spirit trailer I posted yesterday: I like how it looks, and it seems like it could be an entertaining, or at least interesting film, just judging from what little I’ve seen. The narration is…a tad over the top, yes, but if that comes as a surprise, you haven’t been paying attention to what Frank Miller’s been up to these last few years…or ever, if you get right down to it.

But none of it really says “The Spirit” to me. As Phill said in my comments, where’s the color blue? I don’t want a non-blue Spirit. Or a non-funny one, as I said yesterday. On the other hand, this is just the teaser trailer…we may be stuck with the “Sin City” look, but there’s still a chance of some Spirit-esque whimsy making it into the flick.

Yeah, I know, that trailer really exudes whimsy. Hey, a boy can hope.

It’s been reported all over the place, but the more people that see this story, the better: some scumbag stole art and interviews from an illustration site and republished them in a $100 book without permission. Unbelievable.

Artist Luc Latulippe has more on the story.

At the risk of repeating myself:

Why would you make this the “retailer incentive” cover (i.e. for every 10 or so of the regular cover ordered, you get one of these)? Do people not understand the sheer sales power of The Shat? Sure, he’s all Romulaned up on that cover, but that’s 100% Real Kirk, baby.

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