Yes, yes, "it’s all Greek to me," I know.

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So pal Tom (not that pal Tom, but the other pal Tom) brought in some comics from Greece for me to peruse, and, like the comics my girlfriend brought me from Mexico, the paper quality and printing are very nice, and generally superior to their American counterparts.

Here’s one of them, an issue of Batman from Grant Morrison’s run:

Here’s a close up of the publisher’s way cool logo:

Something about Batman shouting at you in Greek makes it even more menacing:

Even the house ads are nice…this one makes even that “Hush” storyline look almost interesting:

There are three pages of comics news in the back, including a short bit on the end of Y The Last Man, an article about 24 Hour Comics Day, and an article about Green Arrow, featuring a headline in English that we can all agree with:

Yes, he certainly is.

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