Some Watchmen stuff.

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This full-page ad appeared in Amazing Heroes #120 (July 1987)…and in the letters column of the very next issue, the publisher responsible for this ad apologized to both DC Comics and Mayfair Games (the company that held the DC role-playing game license) for any confusion this ad may have caused. Since Gateways was, I think, a role-playing game magazine, and that Mayfair was specifically mentioned in the apology, this “new Watchmen story” was probably an RPG adventure. I don’t know if the apology was for accidentally making people think there was a new Watchmen comics story, or because the adventure wasn’t authorized by DC, or whatever. I can’t find any evidence this adventure was ever released…if anyone knows better, clue me in.

“Harlot’s Curse” — the phrase presumably comes from a William Blake poem. I wonder what this lost Watchmen “story” was about?

Related Watchmen info: I’ve been trying to research the actual release dates for the mini-series. Amazing Heroes appears to list DC’s original intended release dates, as the on-sale dates are all exactly a month apart.

This helps a little, as the one issue of Watchmen I can personally tie to a specific time period is #11, which came out the same week I graduated high school (June ’87). According to the AH listings, #11 was originally due to ship March 10th. So, by that point, the series was at least three months off.

Researching release dates for a twenty-year-old comic book series: this is what I call “taking it easy for a week,” apparently.

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