Number two (in a series of two).

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Ghost Stories #1 (Sept/Nov 1962)

What demand, what query from beyond the grave does this ghastly vision of death have for us, the living?

Hmph. You’d think if he really cared, he would have spelled “Wheaties” correctly.

Anyway, assuming the kid that wrote on this cover (and the kid that wrote on the one from yesterday, if it’s not the same kid) did this at least reasonably close to its release date…that kid would be in his fifties today. Huh.

Well, let me whip out some SITE NEWS on you folks, before I continue much farther here. I’m going to be entering LOW CONTENT MODE on the site for a week. It’s not going to be as LOW a CONTENT MODE as the last time I did this, as the plan is to just have much shorter posts or scans for the next few days, rather than the novel-length adventures I’d been posting recently. I just need to recharge the batteries a bit…plus, I’ve been pretty sick for the last week and could use the extra time to recuperate.

I’ll still continue to have new material every day…just not a whole lot of it. It’ll be like the early, classic days of my site, before I totally sold out to the man, maaaan! So please, continue to drop by, comment, send e-mail, and (ahem) use my Amazon search box thingie. As always, I appreciate your readership.

A few things before I dim the lights and give the Progressive Ruin workforce their vacation:

  • Dave Carter has been discussing a subject near and dear to my heart: late comics. He’s looking for contributions to his “Late Comics Hall of Shame,” to which I of course suggested Ultimate Hulk Vs. Wolverine…now at two years and two months since the last issue was released!

    Johanna has an ancillary discussion on the topic, mentioning the frequent invoking of Watchmen as a “late book” that nobody now cares if it was late or not because 1) it’s a classic and 2) it sells incredibly well, even twenty years on. As Johanna says, it was never all that late…if memory serves, I think it started as a monthly, shifted to an every-six-weeks schedule, and may have been bimonthly at one point. I’m not entirely sure, but I know it was never really all that late. (It certainly wasn’t Dark Knight-late, where DC put out promotional material to announce that the last damned issue finally came out.) The “well, Watchmen was late, so it’s okay for our book to be late, too” argument seemed to pop up with Civil War, and…geez, I don’t want to dig all that up again, but you can read what I wrote about it at the time as to why this is an apples versus oranges comparison.

    But that’s getting off-topic a bit…go tell Dave what late comics you can think of, which…well, I guess it’ll let you vent a little, which, sometimes, you just gotta do. I remember being particularly annoyed at the lateness of Firestorm during the early ’80s, when the concluding chapter of a year and a half-long storyline was delayed for, I believe, at least a month or two. If a month-long delay bothered me that much, thank God I wasn’t reading Camelot 3000 at the time! That “year between issues” thing woulda killed me.

    And then there was Ronin, and Miracleman….

  • Dr. Doom explains his recent behavior in Mighty Avengers.
  • Neilalien speaks about comic weblog update notifiers, and points us in the direction of a new update site. (To toot my own horn…I remain amused that my dubbing of the original update site as the “Comics Weblog Update-A-Tron 3000” over four years ago has had such staying power!)
  • Not comics, aside from having received this in a package of Forbidden Kingdom promo material at the shop:

    A closer look at the label:

    Not what I was expecting to receive in the mail that day.

Okay, that’s it for the “big ol’ updates” for the next week. Keep checking back for shorter updates and links and what have you for the next seven days. Again, thanks for reading, internet pals!

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