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Finishing watching The Shadow, which I spoke about yesterday.

Really, The Shadow movie? That’s your climactic battle? (SPOILER maybe) Some gunplay in a room full of mirrors and some bad bluescreen? But I’ll forgive you, since 1) I like the bad guy’s ultimate fate (and the reveal of one more agent of the Shadow), and 2) you finally got Jonathan Winters out from behind that table at the club.

Commenter Lurkerwithout correctly notes my omission of Tim Curry in yesterday’s rundown of the sheer star power at work in this film’s supporting cast. Really, I should have mentioned him…just slipped my mind, I guess. But he feels a bit wasted in this film…Curry shouldn’t be an obsequious toady, he should be the chief bad guy, if you’re gonna have some Curry in your flick. All things considered, he does oil quite nicely across the screen, at first, as a character you can’t wait to see to come to an unpleasant end. As Mr. Bacardi says, however, Mr. Curry does leave no scenery unchewed, particularly during his final battle with the Shadow. Presumably he’s trying to get across that his character has been driven into drooling madness, but, geez.

Also, there may have been a disparaging remark or two in yesterday’s comment section about the fine cinematic achievement that is the first Darkman film. PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO speaking ill of Darkman here, friends. This is a Darkman-friendly site.

And there was a mention in the comments of the Phantom film starring Billy Zane. That would be another fine ’90s superhero franchise-that-never-was that I never got around to seeing, and is also on my Netflix queue. All I remember about the film is that 1) there were some swank Phantom skull rings being given out as promos for this movie, and I never got one, dammit, and 2) “SLAM EVIL” was the remarkably dumb promo slogan for the film. But I’ve heard some good things about the film, so I’m looking forward to it.

In one more follow-up to yesterday’s post, again gleaned from the comments section, commenter Ed points us to his review of the Sam & Max DVD, as well as his interview with creator Steve Purcell about the show. Good reading — go check it out.

Okay, enough with the movies. Let’s get back to the funnybooks:

  • I had an idea for one more post about, you know, that panel in Mighty Avengers, but I really don’t care that much beyond some faint amusement and giving me an excuse to whip out some swell Doom panels of the past. And besides, after Bully’s atom bomb, what else is there to say? So, enough dogpiling on Mr. Bendis and his tin ear for Doom dialogue. It’ll probably just be revealed to be a Doombot or a Skrull or a Space Phantom or some darn thing, anyway. Eventually.
  • Via the Mighty Mr. Spurgeon: Keith Knight has a new syndicated comic strip. I do like the Keith Knight, and I wish him much success with this endeavor.
  • Internet pal Kevin Church will be appearing at the New York Comic Con April 18th through the 20th, and he will happily take all of your X-Men related questions and requests for X-Men sketches. Particularly sketches of Kitty Pryde and Storm “wrestling.” Ask him all day! Follow him around!
  • I know this was all over the net, but I’m posting this here so my friend Cully will see it. FRANK QUITELY VARIANT COVER FOR ALL STAR BATMAN:

    How do you improve perfection? Why, I believe we just found out. (Go to that Newsarama post for a much larger version, Cully.)

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