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Ernie Bushmiller sure was fond of using the “yippee” variant name for hippies. Actually, it does makes being a hippie sound like more fun. “Yippee! We’re counterculture! Well, turn it up, man!”

Er, anyway.

I was just going to leave it at that and take the day off, but here’s a couple of things to lay on you to close out my week:

  • We were talking about the Owly books, and it was brought up how overwhelmingly sad they could be.

    I suggested that they could be even more depressing, like, oh, say, Owly’s little pal Wormy goes out to play in the rain, but the rain suddenly stops and Wormy finds himself stuck on a sidewalk, exposed to the sun as the clouds part, and he slowly dries out through the rest of the day. Or maybe Owly goes on a trip into the forest with his mouse friends, but they get lost, and eventually, a starving Owly starts eating the mice one by one, secretly, whenever all the other mice have their backs turned, or something.

    And then I said that maybe the characters in the Owly books look like they’re crying all the time because their ginormous eyes require constant excessive lubrication.

    This is what happens at the shop when I’m given a moment to think.

  • Sales suddenly bumped upward on Daredevil, She-Hulk, and Utimate Spider-Man, causing us to sell out. We never sell out of Ultimate Spider-Man. Hmph.

    However, the new, guest-starless Power Pack mini doesn’t seem to be moving. Not that any of the previous Power Pack series were big sellers, but having co-stars (Incredible Hulk / Power Pack) did help get a few copies out the door. Power Pack sans super-pals…not so exciting to the general public, I suppose. May be a good seller to kids long term, particularly once the series is collected into a digest.

  • And now…the rocking-est YouTube music video…EVER.

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