Unsurprisingly, I don’t really have a point to all this.

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So I’ve had a box of old Dynamic Forces comics that have sort of…accumulated over the years, which I’ve been going through, scanning, and slapping up on the eBay store. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, which will be about 0.0001% of you, I realize, comics from Dynamic Forces are usually variant covers or signed editions or both, sealed inside a comic bag with a foil Dynamic Forces sticker, and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. The certificates generally indicate the print run (or number of signed editions) of the comics in question, and in the case of the above comic, there were apparently 10,000 of the variant covers printed.

Lionheart, published by Awesome Comics, was released in late ’99. I only barely remember it myself, but according to the Grand Comic Book Database, there were only a couple of issues. I wonder what the print run of the regular Lionheart #1 was? It was the late ’90s, the market was still feeling the effects of the huge crash from earlier in the decade, so I don’t think print runs on most indie books were too terribly large. I don’t believe there were more of the “variant” edition than of the regular edition in this case, but I’m guessing there wasn’t as much of a difference in print runs as one might expect. At any rate, a “limited edition” of 10,000 copies at the time, particularly for this title, pretty much meant that anyone who wanted one of them probably was able to get one.

And that had me thinking just how “rare” and “limited” the Wizard World variant of Hulk #1 was, since when we picked up our badges at the admissions table, there were enormous stacks of the books sitting on the counters, and I could see WW employees hauling out more stacks to restock. I suppose a number of them were damaged or tossed, but most were almost certainly carefully handled and saved for their “collectiblity.” They’ll probably be common around here, but will likely be in more demand in areas outside the radius of a tactical Wizard World strike. (Much in the same way that, many years ago, Carla‘s place of employment, north of us, had a signing or two with the creative team responsible for Marvel’s Beavis & Butthead comic…and for quite a while after that, it seemed like every collection we took a look at had an autographed B&B book.)

Anyway, here’s another comic from our box o’ unloved Dynamic Forces books:

Yes, the “European Sketch” edition. This variant amuses me for no reason I can easily explain.

And we actually managed to sell one of these right away:

Remember when that comic was kinda/sorta a big deal? When was the last time you even thought about the Wu-Tang comic book? I mean, unless you’re Sims, who’s probably thought about it three or four times this morning.

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